Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Fun with Friends

This guy has been having "big problems" at school he says.  The girls keep chasing him and one of them keeps saying he is going to marry her....apparently this is the most frustrating thing to a 5 year old.  Oh to be 5 again...

But here is happy on water slide day. 

I got off a little early one day last week and took the boys for ice-cream.  Brody had already spilled his at this point.  


This kid makes me laugh.  His brother had to go #2 while we were there, so we all went in together.  Brody thought Mason using the potty in a bathroom that echoes was the funniest thing he had ever heard.  He literally laughed for five minutes. 

He got to pick a treasure from the box at Mrs. Pat's house.  Bubbles it was.  

Friday night family date night. 

And some shopping at academy sports.  Mason asked if these football pads were for laser tag...

We went to a beautiful shower for Ashley and Baby David Saturday morning.  Brinkley entertained us all.   I think she's gonna be a pro at this big sis thing.  I can't wait to hold that sweet baby! (although we may be at the beach when he arrives)

Emily and Daniel had a fun crawfish/pool party at their new house.  

My kids were the first ones in the pool.

And the loudest.  =)

We did some afternoon swimming at our neighbor's house and then decided we would all go to the movies together.  Between the three houses, there are six boys from Brody's age to 7.  We had a fun dinner at McAllister's and then were off to the show. 

Mason giving his "emotion" face. 

I mean how big is he?!  He didn't want to sit with John and I of course.  He sat with his friends and we sat in the row behind him.  He was great and had the time of his life. 

I though it was a great movie.  I laughed out loud on multiple occasions. 

We can now mark the movies off of our Summer Bucket List!

These lucky two got to enjoy the leftover desserts from Bunko.

But their Dad showed them how it was really done.  Teaching 'em early.

Oh just a normal day trying to get him to go poop.  He has the peeing down pat.  Tells us when he needs to go and goes.  Pooping....its a tad scarier for him.

Heaven forbid I make him eat a green bean.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brower Summer Bucket List

We are back at it again this year with the summer bucket list.  We really enjoyed making the lists and completing most of them last year.  I hope this will always be a family tradition our boys look forward to even during those teenage years.  

We tried to each do one adventure that costs money and another that is free.  It is still hard with Brody, so he had some help.  

So without further ado, here is The Brower Summer Bucket List for 2015:

  1. Fishing
  2. TN safari

  1. Collierville Thursday night on the square
  2. New Bass Pro shop at the Pyramid 

  1. Putt Putt  (he had fun doing this last year with his Daddy by himself)
  2. Movies
  3. Water Park

***Obviously, Mason just couldn't pick two...which is fine.  You are only young once.***

  1. Jerry's Sno Cone (I mean he does love ice cream.  I feel sure he will enjoy this one!)

Summer has begun and we started completed our first adventure this past Saturday.  We are pretty busy this summer and if we wanted to go to the waterpark, last weekend was it.

We researched all the parks around us and none are close.  Hot Springs looked to be our best bet.  They have Magic and Crystal Springs, an amusement park and water park.  It is also seemed to have the most rides for little kids.  It was 3.5 hours away but an easy drive.  John is really busy with work and wanted to make the drive in one day.  I was very leery of how tired we would be but it ended up being easy and a fun day.

Family selfie stick pic before we took off.  You can see how excited the boys were.  Brody had been talking about going to the water park for a week.  He didn't even know what water park was but he knew he wanted to go.

Mason was pretty excited when he found out we were going to a different state.  Also, we passed the Greyhound Park in West Memphis and he wanted to know what it was.  We explained it was a race track for dogs.  He then went on to say next time we go there, we can bring Emma to see how she does.  
He literally never stopped taking the entire way.  

One state over and they have all new fast food restaurants.  Mason liked Taco Bueno. 

We made it. 

Brody is our more apprehensive child.  His favorite thing to do was just walk around in the water.  Didn't want you to touch him though, "he do it himself". 

Mason on the other hand was all about the slides.  This slide here was pretty small and in the kids' section.  He slid down it at least 50 times.  He may have even done a somersault down it once...didn't try that again though seeing that slide is rock solid.  

So happy. 

John and Mason rode this a couple of times.  I kinda thought maybe he would get scared when he got to the top.  John assured me he never once got scared and just couldn't wait to get up there.  John told the lady working it to push Mason first so he would win.  All he talked about was how he beat his daddy.  

While they rode big kid rides, me and this guy enjoyed Dip n Dots. 

After a few hours, we changed clothes and hit up the amusement park area.  We had a couple of tired boys (and parents) so we just went to the kiddie area and never ventured into the bigger rides.  I really don't think Brody would ride any of these rides is he didn't have a crazy big brother he wanted to be like.  This whole ride he said , "Mommy I scared".  But at the end, he told his Bubba how much fun it was.  

Ferris Wheel 

Brody is thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?!"

But even with those terrified, big eyes....he put his hands up in the air after his brother did.  

Hydrating after a looong day.  

Thankful this guy drove us home.  

It was a much quieter ride home. 

Best part of the trip for Mason?!  He gets to tell all his teachers and friends about his battle wound on his nose.
"I went to the water park and was swimming in the pool.  I dove down to the bottom and scraped my nose.  It was fun"

We had a blast on our first summer adventure.  Now onto the rest of the list...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

We got our haircut last week.  The first few times we ever took Brody, he would cry the entire appointment and have to sit in my lap.  It was unfortunate because we have to go so often with their thick hair.  But the last two times we have gone, he has been perfect.

Here he is even smiling when she is spraying water on his hair.  He was just so excited to be a "big boy" as he said the whole time.  He is growing up too fast. =(

Ready for the weekend!

Redoing Brody's bedroom has not been fun.  I got a couple of cheap wooden headboards off of a resale site and spent time painting and fixing them up.  Well turns out they were most likely footboards and would NOT work with our mattress and box springs.  I just quickly ordered a couple of headboards online so we could hurry this process.  

Brody helping Daddy put them together. 

I'm just so glad the beds are finally in the room and out of the garage.  We are getting rid of that changing table and ordering a chest of drawers.  Also, my talented mother is making new curtains.  Then I can get all the decor I have bought in there.  

It hasn't been too fun but these two are super excited they can sleep in a room together.  It really is more talking and laughing than sleeping.  Actually, Mason ended up going back into his room later in the night.  But it is sweet they love each other so much.  They are allowed to sleep together on the weekends.  And if they ever sleep instead of play, they can do it on weekdays as well....but I don't know if that will ever happen.  =)

Friday was obstacle coarse day at school.  Someone was not happy it was raining. 

Mason was excited to give his Daddy his Father's Day gift he made for him at school.  (notice his arm around his Daddy and a little munchkin behind him)

So then Brody wanted to give his gift he made and take a picture.  He initially was on the right side of John but he needed to walk to the other side like his brother and put his arm around his Daddy too. 

Mason's picture frame he made.  I think it's hilarious.  It also says on the back :  I love my Daddy because "he can do flips into the pool".  

We had a big day on Saturday but I will do a separate post on that.  

Sunday morning we were all spent but we made a big breakfast for John.  His favorite, waffles and bacon.  

That was the coffee mug Brody "made" at Pat's house. 

The boys were super excited about it and couldn't wait until John saw his surprise.  

Check out that hair.

We went to my parents for lunch on Sunday.  We got my Dad all of his favorite things: chips, ice-cream, sandwiches, and Budweiser.  

Mason thought Pops would be excited about the beer and brought it right in for him.  Ha.

Their Pops loves them so much.

And best Daddy award goes to this guy.

He really is the best.  We would be lost without him.

Mom found these keychains we used to get at the beach growing up.  I had JUST been talking about them to John and he had no idea what I was referring to.  

They were the best and I wish they still had them!  I may make fun of her for keeping everything but she does have a lot of great treasures.  

This was me about Mason's age at the waterpark.  (of course I was fried so Mom made me wear a tshirt)

As always, we had a great lunch and family time.  This old man has put up with me for all these years and I am very thankful for it.  

And this wild child may give us a heart attack one day.  =)