Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's Hot Hot Hot

Saturday morning fun sitting in the toy box. 

Mason was invited to a birthday party at the movies to see Minions.  Brody and I dropped John and Mason off at the party and he and I went on a date.  We had lunch at McAllisters with Batman and then went to see the movie by ourselves. Both the boys just love minions.  Mason got to watch it with his friends and Brody got a one on one date with me.  I think they both had a blast. 

This is one of the only reasons I can think of why it stinks to be little...he couldn't keep that seat down.

After the movies, we made our way to the infamous Jerry's Sno Cones.  It was extremely hot so it never hurts to cool off with sweets.  

And I love checking off these summer bucket list items.  

This was the only thing on Brody's list but I think he approved.  

Mason got Tigers Blood Supreme.  Go figure. 

He wasn't wastin' any of it.  

Fun day.  
Thank goodness we beat the crowd. 

Saturday night,  John and I had ourselves a little date night.  We went to a nice dinner and enjoyed a couple of hours of adult conversation alone.  It was lovely....and we may have been in bed by 10:30. 

Brody finally got the Snackeez he had seen on TV.  

And we got our pool out again.  John got the raw end of the deal here...

All that work and they want to swing.  

Mason wanted steak Sunday night.  Ya know, because we went out to eat without him and had steak.  He said, "well it wasn't my fault y'all didn't take me".  We went to our local meat market and grabbed a couple steaks and lobster tails.  

We had never grilled lobster but it was easy and amazing.  
Mason with Chef John. 

He said it made up for us hanging out without him.  He ate every bite of his steak and an entire lobster tail.  Expensive date we have here.  

Brody wanted to wear his house shoes this morning.  I guess people are right when they say pick your battles.  It just wasn't worth it this rainy morning.
***check out Mason in the reflection of the door.  always a good big brother making Brody laugh.

We have had a busy few weeks so we are looking forward to our family beach trip.  We leave Saturday and it cannot get here soon enough.  A week of relaxation is just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of doctor, John had his six month checkup with scans and all.  Everything looked great.  Always a little scary but also a reminder of how blessed we have been.  And we are so thankful.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Swim Lessons

We started swim lessons last week.  Mason took lessons at three and a half and loved them.  We didn't get to do it last year because of the broken collarbone.

Since I would have Brody with me, we went on and signed him up also.  They like to start when they are three but thankfully, they let us slide little Brody into class....but may have regretted it later in the week.  =)

He loves the water and smiled every time it was his turn. 

Mason started out Day 1 in Level 2 but was swimming by himself and ready for level 3.  He was able to move up the very next day.  He was super excited to be in a "much funner" class. 

Successful first day. 

As the week went on, Brody got even more comfortable.  He is quiet and timid to start, and then can open up quickly.  

He also had a very hard time sitting on that top step (ya know, so he won't drown).  As the week went on, he kept creeping on down deeper into the water.

He also really liked the sound of his voice echoing in there.  That was fun. 

Mason on the other hand was perfect.  He loved swimming and the harder class was much better for him.  Every single time you would look over for him, he was under water.  The kid could not just stand there and wait his turn.  He had a little boy in his class who is not fond of the water.  He kept asking Mason to stop jumping around and swimming around him.  

Meanwhile, Brody is basically potty trained and does not like to have accidents.  I feel like every time we get in the car, he has to go.  I'm starting to believe he just loves peeing outside.  

This past weekend we checked off another Summer Bucket List adventure.  We went out to eat for breakfast and then made it to the new Bass Pro at the Pyramid before it got crowded.  

The observation deck is beautiful. 

We went in for some drinks and the boys got to admire the giant catfish in the tank. 

You can see Mason is not too sure about the bear.  

We found these hats and they refused to take them off. 

After looking around for a while, we hit up their awesome bowling lanes.  It is underwater themed and awesome.  The bowling balls even go along with the theme. 

Brody's first time bowling. 

Got one pin down and couldn't believe it.  

Fun day with my crew. 

It is hot hot hot outside these days.  We came home and got in our huge pool.  

We had dinner at Mickey Mouse and Pops house Saturday night.  Mason made us up some banana splits

And then treated himself to a little extra whipped cream.  

Brody was being Brody. He sure loves superheroes.  

Sunday afternoon we headed to our neighbors pool to swim, but we unexpectantly had to switch houses to play six boys came to swim in our giant above the ground pool.  

We came home, showered, and had a fun hot dog dinner with the neighborhood.  Busy busy day.  

Monday started our second week of swim lessons.
They were excited.  Not sure if it was more about the swimming or wearing goggles...

Brody usually likes to keep them on his head but Coach Lexi finally got him to wear them right.

I could never get a picture of Mason.  You can see the top of his head popping out of the water.  I'm beginning to believe he must have gills.

More on this to come but check out that booty.

You see this face?!

Here's the story:

Brody didn't like the swim trunks I packed, of course.  He wants nothing to do with jon jons and apparently now wants nothing to do with smocked shorts.   He started pulling them back off and throwing the biggest fit in the gym.  I had to take both boys outside behind the gym and calm Brody down.  Mason was very willing to shut Brody up and switch swim trunks with him....even if he looked like a little European boy with short shorts.  Brody, on the other hand, mooned everyone at the pool.

At the end of the two weeks, they get to go down the slides and receive a certificate.  Brody loved it.

And of course Mason loved it.  

Brody moved on up to Level 2 and Mason will go onto Level 4.
Both really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  Brody was also entertainment for the other people there.

We head to the beach in a week and I'm sure we will have two fishies on our hands!