Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life Lately

Mason started his first full week of Kindergarten last week.  He was very happy to finally get to see where his classroom would be and who was in his class.  He had a couple of watery eyes but no tears.  I think the fact that there were a few kids crying made him realize this was a big deal.  He has loved it everyday so far....which I know will change.  Ha.

Brody is just loving his new school.  He brought in his turtle for show-n-tell.  You can see how proud he was. 

I got to walk him on Friday to school.  He was excited to show me where to walk (bc ya know, I didn't have a clue where to go he thought).  He wanted to wear his "cool clothes".  

Brody looks HUGE here.  He was happy to stroll with me to pick his Bubba up...well him and his doggie, who I had to buckle up.  

Our neighbor Will goes to CCA also.  They are best buds now and were so excited to see each other outside Friday night in the neighborhood.  It is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  =)

Saturday night we had a gender reveal party for Jake and Blake.  

I'm gonna go on and post Robert and Becca's picture so she will have something to look back on down the road...since she stopped blogging and all.  =)

We are all so happy for them.  This baby has to be one of the most loved babies in the world and I cannot wait to hold her.  

Yes, I said girl.  It's a GIRL!  

Pink fireworks.  

Monday night after dinner we met Reese and the boys for ice cream.  I can't tell if Reese and Mason were excited or not?!

Thankfully, we were the only ones in the place.

We ended up taking the party outside due to the loud noise and giggles coming from this crew.  =)

We tried out a new burger shack in Collierville.  Brody approved.

Then we headed home and burned off some energy...oh the life of having boys.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Surprise Retirement Party

I think I am going to enjoy my Fridays off.  Last Friday was the last one (until breaks) that I will have Mason with me.  This was his last day off before big school starts for the next 13 years (plus college of course).  We have decided to make a tradition of me cooking a "big" breakfast Friday mornings before school.  

We had a fun day after John and I went to the teacher meet and greet.  John headed back to work and Mom and I took Mason out for a fun day.  We had a nice lunch and then he picked out new tennis shoes.  He then wanted to go back home to test them out on a walk.

It was a little too hot for Emma.  Check out that tongue.

Dad and I had been working on a surprise retirement party for my Mom for months now and I think we pulled it off.  Thankfully, I hired someone to take care of the whole thing so it was easy and enjoyable.  (so don't think I made all the decorations!  ha)

We rented out a small restaurant and it turned out perfect.  My Aunt Wanda and her family came in from Illinois.  I knew she was going to be so happy.  My Uncle Wayne was coming in also but got stuck at the NYC airport and didn't make it.

Jake, Blake, and Baby Adams.  =)

We couldn't tell Mason until the day off.  We had told Mom (and Mason) that Emily and Daniel were having a joint birthday party.  They both bought it.  We told Mom this for obvious reasons and Mason because he cannot keep a secret.

Here he is hiding so he could jump out and yell "surprise".

Everyone waiting.  We ended up having about 55 people there.  It was a great turnout!


This is when she saw Aunt Wanda.

Mason : "Did I scare you?!"
He asked her ten times until she answered.

We all knew the tears would be flowing.

Mom and Mamaw.

Brody really wanted cake.  He kept screaming for "birthday cake".  I put him down after Mom came in and he took matters into his own hands.

Can't go wrong with BBQ.

We invited her work friends from Treadwell and Harry, Travelers, family, and old friends.

My sister came in from Chattanooga.

Mr. Ronnie helped babysit all night by making paper airplanes.

Mrs. Barbara and Brody played on the iPad.

Dad and one of his best friends, Mr. Phil.
Dad asked me to take this picture. =)

He also asked me to take this one.  I know he is so proud of my Mom and all the years she worked.  He's also really excited she can retire.

Mom and Aunt Wanda.

These boys were great the whole night.

And they sure love their Mickey Mouse. Of course they are extra excited she retired....they get to see her almost every day.  #spoiled

I look a tad rough.  With keeping it all a secret, talking to all the guests (some of which I didn't know) and worried about how it would all nerves got the best of me!


Brody is proud of that sucker.

Kellie and Dad.

I am super thankful for this guy.  I had all kinds of things I knew I needed to do....such as great the guests as they arrived.  Tell everyone where the food and drinks were and, ya know, thank them for coming.  Well seeing I was upchucking in the bathroom (just at the beginning of the night), those things weren't going as planned.  But my shy, quiet husband took charge and did it all.  And he REALLY didn't know a lot of the guests.

The night was perfect and I think Mom had a great time.  It was so nice to see so many people come together to celebrate such a wonderful person.  We are so proud of you Mom and happy for you!  We are also thankful you are helping us with school.  We couldn't do it without you!