Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three Year Old Checkup and More

We had our very late three year old checkup last week.  It was also a follow-up visit to check those ears.  All was well per Dr. Bubba and we are now flu-season ready.  

He weighed 31 lbs and was 37 1/2 in tall. 

Mason's school cheered on Jim Jaggers while he rode his bike around town for St. Jude.  I loved this picture of him with his class and teacher. 

We were football ready on Friday....Batman included. 

Saturday morning, John left for Green Bay, WI for the Packers/Seahawks game, but the boys and I had a busy day planned.  We went to Ethan's birthday party first and had a BLAST.  There were a ton of boys there and they literally just ran around playing tag. 

Saturday night, we put our Ole Miss attire on and headed over to Melissa's house to watch the Bama game with our tailgating crew.  

Brody is pretending to care about the game here.  Ha

The game turned out to be the longest four ours of my life but amazing at the same time.  This was during the first half when we just couldn't believe we were doing so well!  I love Brody in this picture. 

Touchdown Ole Miss!!

The boys were troopers and had a blast, but we went home at halftime (literally at 10:00pm) so they could go to bed.  I had to watch that dern second half alone!!!  I don't know how many times I had to leave the room because I just couldn't watch.  But in the end...we won! 

We celebrated with popsicles Sunday afternoon while playing with our neighbors. 

While John and Ben tailgated in Green Bay.  They had a great time.  They were on the third row and got to watch a Packers win during a night game.  Melissa and I are going next time!! 
(note:  they may have left their tickets in the hotel room and had to go back to get.  they also may have left their jackets in the car.  I will omit the fact that they missed their connecting flight.  Ha. )

He said he just couldn't believe how nice the stadium was.  

We looked for them on tv which yelling Go Pack Go. 

We woke up to Ole Miss being on the cover on SI.
(lets hope the curse doesn't get us)

And Brody got to pick out a toy for pooping on the potty....yes, this is still an issue but I'm hoping we are close to solving it!

This is why I despise Legos.

Mason's school is celebrating their 20th anniversary this week.  They got to wear wacky hats for Wacky Wednesday.  Apparently he was the talk of the town...all the kids wanted to eat his cheese he said.

The boys were excited their Dad was back.

Here are a couple more pictures of Wacky Wednesday.  He has the best teacher!  =)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Fun

It's been a busy week.  I still need to blog about last weekend.  
We have been loving the weather.  Lots of swingin' and slidin'. 

Mr. Cool

Mason has been having to pull a few clips at school due to taking to anyone and everyone that will listen apparently.  If Mrs. Lavelle's lightening bug (a stuffed animal of course) is on your name and you do not pull a clip that day,  you get to bring home the class pet.  Wouldn't ya know, Mason said he didn't make a peep all day.  =)

Unfortunately it was a rainy night so we had to get creative.  
We played in our tents. 

And built Lego buildings. 

Brody finally got a haircut once he felt better.  He absolutely loves getting his haircut...he thinks it makes him a "big boy". 

We were dressed in red, white, and blue for September 11th last Friday.
I tried my best to talk to Mason a little about what 9-11 was .  I explained how bad guys flew airplanes into buildings in NYC.  I knew it wasn't going too well when he stopped me to say he knew about is where the ninja turtles live, of course.  After finishing my history lesson, he went on to ask if the turtles then saved everyone.  

Mickey Mouse spoiled them with candy and gum....a dental hygienist's nightmare. 

We headed to Oxford Saturday morning for the Fresno State game.  Game time was 2:30 so we didn't really think it was a good time for Brody.  Poor guy missed out again.  =(

John refuses to wear the right color each week I think.  =)

John took Mason to the Kids' Zone this week.  We saw the bounce houses last week as we were walking into the game and Mason did not forget about it this week.  They stayed over there for about an hour and a half and I'm pretty sure John wins favorite parent of the year for it.  Mason had the time of his life.  They also met Deuce McAllister and he signed Mason a picture.  I don't know who was more proud, John or Mason. 

They came back to the tent and he got a big ole' game of volleyball going on....quite different than the tent next to us with flip cup. 

Melissa and I drug him over to watch the band in the Grove, my favorite. 

Our tailgating peeps. 

We were both pretty happy here.  Our offense looked pretty good, and Mason got cotton candy. 

Sunday afternoon Mason continued his fun weekend as he and I went to the Germantown Festival to meet Becca and Reese. We were able to feed them while we walked around to check out all the crafts....with the promise of rides at the end. 

Have to get face paint at a festival. 

They were able to zipline. 

Play wipeout, aka fly through the air.  

Rode the teacups. 

And Becca and I got ripped off..."everyone wins a prize". 
You can choose if you want the $5 or $7 prize.  Ha

Then we had to walk through the place with Mason carrying his new inflatable weapon he "won".

We came home and played in the backyard for a fun Sunday night.  As you can see in this picture, Brody must've been angry with John....

Honestly, I had no idea he was doing that until about an hour after I took the picture.
And I laughed until my side hurt.