Friday, October 30, 2015

Pre-Halloween Festivities

Halloween is this weekend so the boys have been having all sorts of fun at school.

Brody loved looking at the pumpkins from the 4K's contest.  He wanted a picture with the minion.  He thought it was a clear winner. 

Wednesdays in October were ride/walk to school days.  Since Mason walks everyday, he wanted to ride his bike.  

And boy was he proud. 

We have taken Mason to every football game this year and Brody to one.  The last remaining games are just too big for the boys.  Too many people in the Grove and no tickets.  John and I got away last Saturday while the boys stayed back at my parents' house.

Honestly, I think Mason is over the games at this point.  He was very excited to stay back and play.  And who wouldn't be?!?!  Mom sent me these pictures while we were away...


decorating and eating Halloween cookies. 

We did have a fun day. 

And a plus, we won!

Brody rekindled his love with spaghetti.

It is October and the Christmas ads have made their way into my house.

We carved pumpkins this week.
(it was inside out/backwards shirt day at Mason's school)

Someone's gotta do the dirty work around here.

Brody was up next!

Then we all headed in for chili.

Mason picked out the carving kit.  It would've turned out better if we had painted it instead  of carving it. It kinda looks like a creepy kid....

Silly faces.

Silly hat day for Red Ribbon Week.

We have been decorating for our Halloween party this weekend.  

Brody had a parade and fall party at school today.
We put on half of our costume, and he called himself Robin all day.

I asked him to let me see his cape but turn his head around and smile.  This is what I got...

Best Buds.

Parade time.

All the kiddos walked around the gym, one class at a time, and got candy from the other classrooms.

Way too big.

Party time in the classroom.

I think he enjoyed all the attention.

It is going to rain here tomorrow, but we have two very happy boys excited about Halloween. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

6th Birthday Fun

Where should I start?!  

Mason turned SIX on Friday and we had the best weekend full of fun.  
Since I am now off on Fridays and it was fall break, we had the day to do whatever we wanted!  Brody got to skip school to join in on the fun.  

The birthday boy wanted to start the morning off right with Perkins.  

Mom and I decided earlier in the week that we would go to the TN Safari Park.  We had never been and it may have been one of the things we never did on our Summer Bucket List.  Mason was so excited when he found out Reese was going to get to come along. 

I highly recommend this place to anyone who has never been.  It was about an hour and a half away but worth the drive.  It is a 3 mile drive around the park with a ton of animals.  At the end, there is a walking zoo to explore.  We grabbed four buckets of food and started the journey. 

Immediately, we ran into an ostrich.  These are by far the funniest of all the animals there.  They stick those long necks in your car and peck that food everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.  

They make you laugh and scream at the same time.  

I mean how scary?!

More ostriches were coming back to the car, so they were waiting with anticipation.  
I'm not sure I have laughed that hard in a while.  

This picture was worth the drive.  

Having a blast. 

There were also a ton of buffalo.  Yes, buffalo.  And they had no problem sticking their snotty noses in the car either. 

Those buffalo were so big that they would just steal your bucket of food.
Mason was NOT happy about it either.  

I think Brody is slapping his knee laughing here. 

We got out and walked around after the drive.  They found this "haunted house" and wanted me to take a picture of them stuck in the spider web. 

I think the giraffe thought we had carrots...

These crazies worked up an appetite, so we found a small country restaurant to try.
 It was the best burger I have ever had.  

Friday night we stopped by Mickey Mouse and Pop's house for Mason to open gifts and eat cupcakes.    

Don't worry, she didn't leave Brody out.  He got one too. 

Pure joy. 

Saturday we took Mason to the Ole Miss/Memphis game in Memphis.  That is all I will say about that game... and the sunburn we got in October.

Sunday was the much anticipated Party Day!  Mason had been asking for a Putt Putt party since last fall and it turned out great.

These three had fun playing with the big kids.

Look at that determination.

I LOVE this picture.

The big kids.
(minus a sick Brinkley - we were so sad she had to miss out!)

Best buds.

We had Lego cupcakes.  (all things Legos these days)
Mason wanted a mini figure on his.

And we were so excited to see Mamaw.

After Putt Putt and food came arcade games.

We had a friendly Brower race going on.

Next up was go karts.  So fun.

This picture makes me laugh.  We passed that boy to our left and he was not happy about it.  Once we pulled back in at the end, Brody pointed to him and said "we beat that boy".

It was a fun weekend and Mason loved every minute of it.
Happy sixth birthday Buddy!  My how the time flies!