Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Surprise Party and the End of the Season

Just a little weeknight rumble.  
And we wonder why our kids are so wild....

Reading his homework story to Dad. 

Emma was trying out the new rug for Brody's room.  
All we need is curtains to finally complete the room.  

Dad turns the big 70 the day after Thanksgiving and Mr. Ronnie turned 70 last week.  Instead of bunco this month, we surprised the old men with a birthday party.  

Dad had NO idea what was going on or who we were saying surprise to.  

That banner really did make them seem old...$2,800 was the average income in 1945. 

 Brody waited allllll day for that cake.  

They both blew out the candles before we even sang.

The boys were excited about their Thanksgiving feasts at school.  

Brody's class as little Indians.  

They asked for a large white shirt and specifically mentioned bringing one of Dad's old shirts.  Brody ended up wearing a dress instead of a shirt.  Ha. 

One and a half years later....I finished painting the stairs.  
Talk about procrastination.  

Saturday was our last home game in Oxford.  It has definitely been a season of ups and downs, but it has been fun regardless.  We were able to bring the kids to so many games at the beginning of the season.  I think Mason ended up going to five games.  

It was a fun year but I am also thankful it is now over.  =)

I do love spending the day with this guy.  

And with good friends.  

The Landsharks showed up again and we won.  
Hotty Toddy!  It's always fun to beat LSU. 

On our way home from Oxford, we were able to stop at our friends' farm in Red Banks.  They have a Harvest Moon party every year.  There was a large bonfire and a pig roast.  

They have recently finished building this beautiful farm house.  
It really is breathtaking.  

We had a half day of work yesterday to get Thanksgiving started early.  
It's always so hard when you fight naps, especially after trips to Chickfila.  

We tried a new restaurant in the Ville last night but the boys were most excited about the decorations at the mall.  

Brody was quite uneasy sitting next to that reindeer.  

We came home, made cookies, and now waiting for the Thanksgiving festivities to begin!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Is It Already November?!

The boys are once again begging to sleep in the same room.  We let them try it out again last Friday night and all was well until Mason kept yelling talking in his sleep.  Around midnight, I moved him back in his room.  It was fun while it lasted. 

John and I headed to the Arkansas game last weekend.  
It was chilly and rainy. 

And all of our tailgating crew left besides the five of us.  It actually stopped raining once the game started....but we sat through OT to watch us lose.  Ugh. 

Sunday night we finished our disguised turkey homework.  Of course he wanted to go with Batman.  I'm sure you can't tell I helped him?!

Brody's school had their "monster" book fair all week. 
 Here is his class making their milk jug monsters. 

They let me off the hook one night and didn't make me cook.  
I think the boys enjoyed it. 

Monster Hair Day. 

Dress like a book character.

I thought he rocked that hat.  =)

We had dinner with the other Brower crew Friday night.
Brody wanted a family selfie.
Mason wanted us to see the gun show.

Saturday we had Anderson and Griffin's third birthday party at Incredible Pizza.
Mason said it was the best party ever.

I mean it is the easiest way to eat them.

They had a serious game of laser tag going on....look at that determination on Mason's face.

or excitement...

Brody was just working on earning more tickets.

We went on and started putting up Christmas decorations since we are hosting a baby shower at our house soon.  We had a couple of happy kiddos.

We also had family pictures this weekend.  These are just a couple snapped from my phone.

Friday, November 6, 2015

This Thing Called Life

Halloween may be over but Batman and Robin are here to stay.  
To say my kids were excited when they found out they were keeping the capes and masks is an understatement.   

Someone also left their wig behind..

Sunday afternoon, Brody and I had a birthday party for a coworker's granddaughter.  It was the cutest party with a petting zoo.  

We hung out with Mrs. Leann and Ethan. 

They fed the rabbits. 

Rode ponies. 

Laughed a lot. 

And did some manual labor. 

Grandpa James' funeral was Monday morning.  
He was such a sweet man and we were so sad to say goodbye.   

Mason has always had a soft place in his heart for his great grandpa.  He has cried a few times and keeps asking why he had to die.  He is worried Brody will not remember him.  He is just so tenderhearted sometimes.  We have given him the job of telling Brody all about Grandpa James:  how he loved throwing a ball with the grandkids, told the funniest jokes, and loved them with all his heart.  

The little guys got caught up on their Bible verses. 

Grandpa James was well known in the community.  He was an Alderman for 20 years and rode around with the police every Friday night just because.  It was very obvious what he meant to the city of Southaven, his friends, and family.  

Check out all these twins.  John and Robert, their cousins Molly and McKenzie, and then the twins Anderson and Griffin.  #twinning

Don't tell anyone but the boys may have picked out a Christmas movie and we may have watched it.  It was our mistake because I have been asked three times when Christmas is....

And last but not least, Mason's school had "when I grow up pictures".  This is now the fourth time Mason has said he wants to be a race car driver when asked.  

He does look cute in that outfit though.  =)