Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Part 2

We had Christmas with John's family Saturday.
We let John sit with at the kids' table. =)

We got tickets to see Marvel Live!!!
I know my boys will absolutely love it.  I mean look how happy there were with just the masks?!

They wore them the rest of the day....Brody tried to sleep in his.  

The more the merrier!

As you can see, the kids were not quite cooperating with their annual Christmas picture...

It was another 70 degree day, so we let the boys play with their new razors when we got home.

Brody had fun with their new ball.
Kid got some air!

Mason had been begging to see Star Wars.  I have no idea how he even knows about it besides all these Lego Star Wars videos he watches.  After talking to a couple of people who had seen it, they said it would be fine.

Now, John had never seen ANY of the Star Wars moves (I haven't either), but he promised he would take him.  How excited was Mason?!  He couldn't contain himself!

John said he was actually quite lost at the beginning, so Mason filled him in.  The only problem was that the child talked during the whole movie.  I think he thought he needed to explain to John what was happening, so he never stopped talking.  =)

He told me and Brody about it as soon as he got home.

After work on Monday, I took Mason to the doctor for his 6 year checkup (a tad late).

He is healthy and slender.....not skinny per Dr. Bubba.

He weighed 41 lbs and was 45 inches.

He was 15% in weight and a little under 50% for height.

He very much entertained Dr. Bubba with that big personality of his.  =)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Part 1

Last day of work before break = Christmas gear.  

After dinner on Christmas Eve Eve, we took the boys on a Christmas light tour.  
We found the BEST cove. 

Leroy and Michelangelo did their little fruit loop trick on their last night at home.  Mason had been wondering when it would happen this year. 

It was in the 70's on Christmas Eve.  It just didn't feel right!  But being able to play outside instead of  stuck indoors was wonderful.  We played with our quadcopter with our friends... and were sweating.

Christmas Eve we had our parents over for dinner.  The boys (and John and I) always get to open up one gift on Christmas Eve.  I had to remind them that it is never a toy and always pjs.  

They were so cute.  
Mom monogrammed them so they were perfect. 

Since the boys had been so excited about giving their gifts to each other, we decided to let them open them also.  I think this will definitely be a new tradition.  I absolutely love their friendship and can only hope it lasts a lifetime. 

Mason picked out a Minion Snackeez for Brody. 
 He has used it everyday since.  

Now, I did help Brody pick out the toy for his brother.  We did have to talk about it for a few minutes.  At first, he just wanted to know where his was if that was his Bubba's.  He finally understood and helped me wrap it.  From then on, he was very proud of his gift.....and I think Mason loved it.  They were Imaginex action figures.  

When it was time to leave out the cookies and milk for Santa, someone was NOT happy about giving away his cookies.  But don't let that frown fool you, he had already had THREE!

Now that is better.  

Couldn't forget to throw out the reindeer food. 

Santa came, ate the cookies, and left lots and lots of goodies. 

Christmas morning sleepy faces excited to see if Santa came. 

Pure excitement. 

He could't believe Santa left him an "actual Lego table". 

He got his bat cave.

So excited. 

We put on our rain boots and headed to Mickey Mouse and Pops' house. 

That is alllllllot of gifts.  
I will say, there were tons of clothes in there.  =)

They opened their big gifts last.  
Brody got a Batbot and Mason got an iPad mini.  

It blew his mind.
He said "I didn't know I could ask for one!"   

This is what Chiristmas looks like at 8am with two young kids after you went to bed late and woke up early.  =)  It really was such a fun morning!  

We tried out PieFace before we left. 

Brody got that whip cream all in his hair!  

We headed home to get ready for lunch with my family. 

We had such a great Christmas break.
This is one of the best yet.  6 and 3 are great ages. 

Gingerbread 3-d glasses. 

Darlene and Brody. 

She was a trooper!

We always exchange gifts with Brinkley, and this year we added baby David (although I completely forgot to get his picture!).

Whew.  What a day.  
So thankful for my parents.  

And of course my little family. 

We are so blessed.