Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fun at the Brower House

We had an interesting week last week.  A lot of vomiting.  Poor Brody's tummy hurt Saturday morning and he looked pitiful.  Then all of a sudden, he switched back to normal Brody.  Kids are so resilient. 

It was a loooooong week.  I ran away for a minute but Mason quickly found me...

Brownies and ice cream make everything better. 

Valentine's Day was Sunday.  We got the boys a few treats.  
Disney must be making a killin' on Star Wars. 

Brody and that smile.  

Heart donuts. 

The boys picked out this "Mr. Hearty" balloon and have played with him ever since.  John and I asked why they named him Mr. Hearty.  Mason says, "because he is a heart and a boy".  I honestly don't know why we couldn't figure that out ourselves.  


We thought we had pretty much all recovered, so we finally left the house and went to Costco.  Nothing like a Costco lunch date with these guys on Valentines.  =)

First time in what felt like weeks that I put on real clothes.  Its usually scrubs or workout clothes. 
Notice John's stormtrooper sticker. 

Mom and Dad came over to celebrate Mom's birthday and they brought the boys their Valentines.

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!  We love you!

Love my Valentine. 

Monday was President's Day.  Brody's teacher sent me this.  =)

So Mason wanted a picture with his hat he made. 

We also celebrated the day with getting rid of that fluorescent light above our kitchen island and replacing with pendants.  Woo hoo. 

Photo Bomber

Mom got this picture after school one day.  Sweet brothers. 

Mason got a little wild and crazy one afternoon this week.  He didn't like that I told him no and decided to throw a little fit which made me send him to his room to calm down.  Next thing I know, I see something that appeared to fall from that stairs.  He had written me a note "I will be in my room", attached it to a balloon (Mr. Hearty himself), and floated it downstairs.....

Crazy Boys. 

We had a pretty exciting Thursday and Friday night around here....

We laughed for hours.  

Friday, February 12, 2016

Mason says Happy Valentine's Day

Mason got to bring the Lightening Bug home again from class.  It was a cold, dark day outside so there wasn't too much for us to do.  We decided to let the class' Bug see what life is really like each school night...homework, a little play time, bath, and sleep.  

Then we wake up, eat breakfast, and do it all over again. =)

Brody was super excited to bring the letter "N" object to school this past Friday.  He and every other little boy in his class brought in a Ninja Turtle. 

Mason has really been into making sweet notes for anyone and everyone.  He made one for Mamaw last Friday night.  He even added a dime and a penny so she could buy herself something to eat.  =)

Emma was wayyyy overdue for a bath.  You can see she loved it...

I would love to say we planned to go to Home Depot's free kids workshop last Saturday but we actually stumbled upon it while we were shopping.  Apparently they do it one Saturday each month and its great.  The boys had the best time building a Valentine's mailbox and painting it.  


They had the best time.  Hoping we can make it to more.  They even got these cute aprons, a pin that says they completed the workshop, and candy.  

Saturday night John and I had dinner with Ben and Melissa for a date night.  We took the guys to Second Line since they'd been fussing that they never get to try any good restaurants. (we always go to fun places for our girls' brunches) 

Fun night on the Square. 

Sunday we headed to Lyndsey and Brad's for a Superbowl party.  There were 27 kids there.  My kids had the BEST time.  This was the only picture I got.  

We finally finished the stairs!  

Mason had to bring a Valentine's box to school.  They said get creative and when I saw this on Pinterest, I just knew it would be perfect for him.  =)

He said everyone loved it.  =)

Brody is really into stickers these days.  It has been fun. 

And its been cooooooold.  

Mardi Gras time!
(I didn't even realized it was Fat Tuesday until he brought this home.)

Dinner at Corkys.

Brody had his Valentine's Day party at school today and Mason was out of school for teacher inservice.  As you can see, Brody was ready to get down at the party.

Mason and I got to hang out all morning.  He did so well on his words this week and also did not pull a clip once for talking.  We had promised him a toy if all went well.

Then we met Dad for lunch.

Party time!

Mason was very excited to get to attend.

We had planned a play date with our friends after the party.  We have missed seeing our old neighbors every day.  The boys played for a couple of hours and then we went to our favorite, Chapultepec, for dinner.

Showin' off those guns.

We ended the night with frozen yogurt.

Successful boys night (with their Mommas).