Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

We have had a busy, busy weekend.  John and I both had Friday off so we were able to have a fun day.  My friend Megan was helping host an Easter egg hunt, and the boys had been talking about it all week.  

It was earlier in the morning so there were plenty of breakfast goodies to enjoy. 

We love donuts around here. 

It got a bit chilly Friday so we zipped up our jackets and got to huntin'.

Lots of candy there. 

Sweet kiddos. 

It was so nice to hang out with these girls.  It had been too long. 

Lunch was fun that afternoon.  The boys wanted to sit next to each other to play any and every game they made up.  

Brody grabbed my phone to take a picture of us after I took one of them.  

That last picture did not please him.  He was adamant we stare at each other....the people behind us thought he was hilarious. 

Thankfully our food arrived shortly after. 

I came home from running errands later that afternoon and found John at our neighbor's house all alone playing basketball.  Our neighbors are out of town.  The boys were at our other neighbors house he was shooting some hoops.  

We had planned to make Easter cookies and dye eggs that night.  Unfortunately, no one was interested in baking.  =(

I have no one to blame but myself for the "Easter eggs" and "bunnies" to end up looking like this...

The Easter eggs turned out good though!

Saturday morning shenanigans.
We are a donut loving family.  

We broke out of the house on a beautiful day and headed to Oxford for the baseball game.  It is a great set-up (if you get there hours before to get better seats).  The playground is constant entertainment for the kids...and of course the sno-cones too.  

We were so happy the other Brower crew came too.
They make everything more fun!

We were hot and getting sunburned while taking this picture. 

They let all the kiddos run the bases after the game.  

A and G taking off.

Brody wasn't playing around out there.  

What a day.  

Easter morning.  That little cat nap Mason took in the previous picture kept him up later than the Easter Bunny wanted to be...especially when he woke back up bright and early at 6am. 

He wakes up happy and energetic. 

Checking on their dyed eggs. 

I can't believe they are so big.  =(

We made to church just in time even with Mom taking 1,000 pictures. 

Opening goodies at Mickey Mouse and Pops' house after church.
They may have been more excited with their baskets there than at home...

He loves Imginex and Poison Ivy and couldn't believe he got her. 

It was a crazy Easter.  
Mamaw had to be admitted into the ICU Friday so most of my family had been awake ever since then.  My sweet Mom came home from the hospital just to cook an Easter meal for us after church, which was totally unnecessary.  So we did our usual pictures at their house with Uncle Wayne and Aunt Gina and then all headed back up to the hospital.  

Dad wanted his picture all by himself. 

She did feel like taking a selfie.  =)  
They have her sodium levels back up and are finally able to get some fluid off of her.  We are hoping  to get her home soon so she can be the tough bird she's always been. 

Those chairs in the ICU are massive. 

The boys had been so patient with hiding our dyed Easter eggs.  It rained a little during the day, so we had to hunt them indoors when we got home.  Dangerous to hide hard boiled eggs in your house but thankfully. we found them all! 

The only thing to do after hunt them is eat them.  
An annual Wynn tradition.