Monday, April 25, 2016

Perfect Weekend

We have been doing some family fun face swaps....and they are worth posting here.  

Since he was Star of the Week, Mason got some visitors for lunch last week.  Mickey Mouse and Pops brought him his favorite "little burgers".  

Brody has been asking his bubba to read him books before bed. 

Friday was Farm Animal day at Brody's school.  We decided to be a cow because it seemed like the easiest via Pinterest.  He walked into school mooing.  

John and I met him for lunch on Friday.  He was so excited. 

I couldn't tell if he was more excited we were there or the fact that it was Friday so he was able to buy ice cream at school.  Ha. 

I got home and decided to begin yard work and this little girl decided to roll around in the mud...

Brody was still mooing when I picked him up from school. 

We were finally able to do the Memphis Escape Room Friday night.  
We may not have escaped but we had a blast!

We picked up the kids after and poor things couldn't keep their eyes open for the ride home. 

Saturday was a beautiful day outside so it was perfect for our soccer games.

Brody did great when it was time for drills with Dad.

He put his cap on sideways and got a bit of an attitude.

About halfway through, he decided he was done with it all.  Pops and Dad tried to get out there to show him what to do, but it didn't help.  Ha.

He ran out there with Pops to scrimmage but didn't want to wear one of the jerseys.

There he is, in the center, without a jersey on, just standing there.
He ran back immediately after I took this picture and was ready to go home.

We went home to do yard work and headed back up to the fields that afternoon for Mason.

He did the best he has ever done.
He was super aggressive but in a very controlled way.  =)

He has really improved and learned a lot of the fundamentals of the game.

He also really likes to spike his hair when it gets sweaty.  =)

He had an assist, a save, and even scored his first goal.

Mom and Brody found a bench to make flower necklaces.

John says he had the game winning shot.
I can't ever keep up with the score, but I will go with what he said.

It was the Collierville Soccer Association's jamboree.  There were three different inflatables set up for all the kids to enjoy and sno-cones after their games.

Brody was going down those slides any and every way.

Mason had fun sliding with his teammates.

We got home, finished our yard work, and were DONE.  Exhausted.
We were all asleep by 9:30.

Made it to church Sunday morning.

Brody actually asked me to take his picture with the tree.

Sunday afternoon called for a day in the sun.  Mason has been asking everyday if it is warm enough to take off his shirt.  They did it all last summer with our neighborhood friends and apparently he has not forgotten.

After water gun fights we decided to bust out the balloons.

Mason ended up getting to hang outside with Levi while Brody slept.  When it was time to come in for dinner, he told us it was the best day of his life.  Then he wanted to know if he would get to have more days like this.  Oh how he quickly forgot that this was how he spent the entire summer last year.

Brody on the other hand...we wore him out.

We ended the weekend with a little game of superheros vs. the bad guy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Star of the Week and a Field Trip

We have felt very safe this week while Batman and Spiderman have been around. 

Mason's school had their annual Spring Fling on Thursday.  Unfortunately, it started raining right before it started so everything was moved indoors.  We still had a blast.  

Mason got to throw a pie in Mrs. LaVelle's face.  
Here she is pleading with him.  =)

What a great sport.
She also participated in the dunk tank.
She is the BEST teacher!

Please excuse his jeans...he has literally ripped a hole at the left knee on every pair. 

There was also several inflatables, games, races, etc.  
They boys had the best time. 

We definitely had to have baths that night.
I couldn't believe there were smaller design options...

Cake walk. 

Friday was pj day for Mason and CCA tshirt day for Brody. 

Brody's class got to decorate the bulletin board this month at school.  Apparently, he just loves going to Target with us. Or maybe I go too often.  Every other child listed things like the zoo, the park, etc.   

I got to hang out with sweet baby Claire and her momma Friday.
I texted John that I needed one...he responded "no you don't".  =)

Saturday early evening dinner on the patio with friends.  

Much needed fun.  There is nothing like having lifelong friends.  
Its even better that our spouses are just as cool as us.  =)

I went to the gym early Sunday morning and brought home donuts for the boys before church.  Someone was excited.

 We've hopefully gotten back into a good routine of going to church.  The boys both really enjoy it.  Mason's Sunday school class graduated into the "big kid" area.  They have Sunday school and then all get together for Kidz Worship.  He said they needed their bibles for part of it and asked us to get him one.  He was so exited Sunday morning. 

We had a game Sunday night.  Mason was much more aggressive....maybe a tad out of control but hey, he was hustling to get to the ball.  He had so much fun. 

Check out that high kick.....we will work on control this week so he doesn't knock someone out.  =)

Cheering squad...with their 1980's chairs. 

Mason had a big week this week.  Star of the Week.  

They get to bring the Star Bag home the Friday before and fill it with five things to show your classmates throughout the week.  He couldn't wait to show everyone.

                      1. Favorite Doggie (he has slept with him every night since he was 2)
                      2. T-ball bobble head trophy
                      3. Lego spaceship
                      4. Batman cape
                      5. Iron Man mask.  

All the necessities.  

We also had a big field trip to the Children's Museum.

I was so thankful my bosses let me off.  It wasn't an ideal day since we had no one to cover my shift, but they were able to cancel my patients so I wouldn't miss it.  (I missed the trip to the zoo earlier in the year).  I am so thankful to work for such awesome people. 

He had the best time with all his friends.  

Their favorite part was dancing on the tv screen and showing off all kinds of dance moves.  
It was the best. 

He got to pick his favorite restaurant for lunch.  

He wanted to help Pops when we stopped by their house to grab something. 

I feel like this entire post was about Mason.  
Brody is still around and sweet (most of the time) as ever.  =)

They were busy at school today making homemade bird feeders.