Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May Day Fun

Brody's class got to check out a Cville firetruck. 
He talked about it all night. 

They wanted to play with water I had them spray my plants. 

We have been taking lots of family walks lately.  I got a FitBit for Mother's Day and am a little obsessed.  The boys love it...not so sure about John.  Ha. 

Mason and I made a countdown to the beach.  
Won't be long!!!

We have been fighting ants and apparently Mason thinks this is a normal sign of Spring...

Bunco was at my house last Thursday.  
The boys ate junk food galore and even got to roll the dice.  

Brody was giving Mason scratches on his back trying to wake him.

Tie-dye day. 
Show and tell was a fish.. 

The picture says it all....
(we need to limit the superhero actions)

We have spent lots of time playing with the boys on the street,  

It's all so exhausting.  

We helped host a baby shower Saturday night for Brad and Lyndsey.  
We cannot wait to meet Baby Miller. 

It was a beautiful night. 

Sunday afternoon we continued the party with friends at Emily and Daniel's for a crawfish boil.  It had been so cold so I assumed the water was freezing (which it was).  So I was the horrible Mom who didn't bring the swimsuits. 

But they still got plenty wet!!!  

Brody basically refused to stay out of the pool so we did borrow shorts.  
He also stayed away from the crawfish. 

But this guy ate it up.  He loves it.  

It's always fun getting the kids together.  
We need some more girls in our group!  Claire will have Ella to play with soon enough!

Brody finds so much joy in these $2 toys at Walgreens.  You have no idea which Ninja turtle you will get until you open it, but somehow he has managed to get the one he has wanted every time.  

This hot air balloon usually takes off at the school so its always fun for it to fly over our house. 

He just loves this muscle shirt!

Mason had May Day at school yesterday.  We always called it Field Day growing up but it is the same thing.  I was so glad I was able to take off to go.  

He was pumped. 

Ready to start!

Best buds. 

Ha.  Most of the boys in the class.  

It was sunny and hot!

So, Much.  Fun.  

They got a bit wet. 

After May Day, we stayed outside for a picnic and popsicles.  Mason convinced me to check him out (there really were only about 3 more hours left).  We grabbed ice cream and then picked up Brody.  

John is in the Bahamas again....without me again...having fun again...for "work".

We have a busy couple of weeks ahead.
We are going to have a super fun last week of school and Memorial Day.  I see a lot of food, swimming, and cousin time in our future.  After that, we have John's birthday.  Then we are off to the beach.  Can't wait!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Skating and Soccer

Teacher Appreciation Week was in full swing last week.

Mason drew this picture to go with flowers. 
 He also wanted to get her a gift card so she could buy whatever flowers she wanted.  

Cool cat in his "boy" outfit. 

Summer weather has arrived.  
We play outside with the neighborhood boys about every day!

Captain America doing Captain America things. 

Got our beach chairs out dreaming we were there...

Mason had a skating party Saturday.  
He was super excited....I was terrified he was going to break a bone!

The party was for a sweet girl in his class.  It was hilarious because all the little girls walked up rocking their own roller blades from home and none of the boys had skated before.  Every boy there ended up needing a parent to help which required us to get skates too....

Thankfully, neither him nor I broke a bone.  

All the boys gave up trying to learn to skate, they just used these things. 

Pizza and cake time. 

Brody LOVES stickers.  
This was what he looked like all weekend long after he got a new sticket book.  
For some reason he called himself Uncle Robert.  No idea why.  He has not one tattoo...

We had a soccer game Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Weather was perfect and the kids had a blast.  It was fun to watch.  They all get along so well.  

Mason's cheering corner. 

We played a little outside before Sunday's game.  
Brody whacked the baseball every time he tried.  John got a little too excited. 

Last game of the season.  

We ended with a win!
Mason keeps score the ENTIRE game.  

Coach took all the kids to Baskin Robins for ice cream and to hand out the medals after the game. 

There were actually 6 kids on the team but 2 couldn't make it.  These four made it to all the games and learned to play so well with each other.  

"Go Whips!!"

Monday blues.  
They are even worse when the weekend is so exhausting that you fall asleep on the ride home from ice cream at 5pm and don't wake back up until 2:30am.  Yes, that would be 2:30 in the morning!