Monday, June 27, 2016

No Bad Days in the Summer

Well this post has been done for a week now...
apparently I never sent publish.

Last week Mason had VBS at GBC, and Brody had his normal school.  Mason was a little anxious about the week.  He had really enjoyed summer camp the week before, and he was very nervous he wouldn't know anyone in his class.  Turns out, there were several kindergarten kids from Tara Oaks.  He was able to get into one of his best friend's class and had the time of his life.

I got home from the gym one night at 8:40 and the boys (including their Dad) were all scrambling to run inside seeing it was past their bedtime.  Instead of getting mad, we decided to play one last game of horse.  There's a first time for everything. =)

Mom had a BUSY day Tuesday.  Brody's ear was still gushing exudate so we called the ENT.  They were moving offices the next day so he needed to get in at their ONE appointment spot left.  It just so happened to be at the worst time for us.  Mom dropped off Mason at VBS, picked up Brody and brought him to East Memphis.  John then picked up Mason from VBS and met Mom so she could take Mason to tutoring at the Cville library.  Somehow she managed to still get them the snocones she had promised after all that!  (Of course, Brody didn't like his.)

They were able to clean out Brody's ear.  He throws a fit at home when I just look at his ear, but he sat there quiet as a mouse for the doctor to remove all that junk.  We are now able to get the ear drops in and will continue on the strong antibiotic.  I think his ear felt better once all that junk was out.  

He was FINALLY able to join in on swim day at school.  He was beyond thrilled.  

This is his class.  He is the one with the blue noodle in the top, right picture.  

Our church had a fun night of bounce houses and water slides for the youth group and VBS students. Since he had finished Kindergarten, they grouped his grade with kids all the way up to 5th grade.  That means this event was a drop off your kid kind of thing.  It just felt so weird.  He was a little apprehensive but ran on in.  His good friends weren't there which meant he had no one to help skip lines and that was the only issue he had.  Ha. 

Meanwhile, John and I stayed nearby.  We took Brody out to eat, and he only asked 1987432981743 times when we were going to pick up Mason. 

I do think he was happy to see us.  
I'm not so sure he liked the drop off thing either...but I know he will one day soon.  

Friday was a big day.  
Last day of VBS and water day.  

I was finally able to take him.  

They did the cutest little finale at the end. 

This was just pre-K and Kindergarten.  
They had over 800 kids participate this year.  It was so fun  

Mason is bottom row, on the right, second to end.  

He did a great job with the songs and moves. 

We had a couple of hours until Brody woke up from nap time at school, so we finally got our library card at the Cville library.  They have a fun, summer reading program we were also able to sign up for.  

It has been a while since Ive been to a library, but it's always so fun.  

Finally got to pick up this guy, and we even brought him a surprise. 

Wild Friday nights around here. 

Star Wars marathon began Friday night.

Saturday brought on all kinds of excitement for Reese's birthday party that night.

So fun.

Donuts with strawberry icing is their absolute favorite.

Best part of the night was Reese getting her birthday gift.  Sweet little Merle.
She was so happy.  =)

 We hit the piƱata.
(Robert looks like he was fearing for his life.)

After all the kids tried...One Hit Becca stepped up to get the job done.

Can't believe she is eight!!!

Sunday we went to sweet, little Claire's baptism.
She is loved by so many and has the BEST parents in the world.  What a blessing she is.

What a special celebration.
And she may be the cutest thing ever.  =)

Caught these two like this Sunday night.

This week started another week of summer school at CCA for both boys.

Swimming all day for Mason = one excited boy.
Big brother being at his school = another excited boy.

Nothing like starting the week off with a little rain.
Brody was prepared.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Back to Reality

Seriously....I think its about time we start spiking it up.

Mason's hair got lighter towards the end of the summer last year.  It had never happened until then.  I know we've already spent a lot of time in the pool and a week at the beach, but we already have a blondee. At this rate it may be white at the end of the summer. 

We got home from the beach Saturday afternoon, and were able to get an appointment at the doc.  That ear started draining some nasty stuff.  Thankfully at this point, there was still no pain but about 8 hours was no fun. 

Mason has a busy summer.  
He is doing summer camp at Brody's school for a few weeks, he is doing VBS one week, we have a few tutoring sessions, and then some fun time with Mickey Mouse.  

Last week started our first week at CCA.  He has been very excited since many kids from his school go there for before/after care during the school year and also summer camp. 

 Another bonus is his brother goes there.  They have never been to the same school, and it is the sweetest thing to see how happy they were.  They are hardly ever together but pass each other here and there.  

Brody's ear infection made him pretty miserable by Monday.  I really wanted him to stay with my Mom, but he was devastated to not go to school since Mason was.  I went on and sent him with Motrin and instructions for the teacher to call me when he needed to leave (because he was going to for sure need to leave!)  

Mrs. Monica called me around 1:30 and Mom went to pick him up.  
All the teachers said he was so excited when he saw his Bubba in Chapel. 

Summer camp has been super fun already.  They play at several different learning stations, go to the gym, play on the playground, swim every day, and go on Field Trips once a week.  

Tuesday they went to Putt Putt and he couldn't wait.  
He said it was the best day ever. 

This ear infection has been something else.  That thing has been draining for days and we've already had to change up our antibiotic.  He had to stay with Mom all day Tuesday and Wednesday. .  

Mom had a dental appointment with me Wednesday so she brought her sidekick.  I hadn't cleaned his teeth yet so it was the perfect opportunity.  He did great!  For sure, the loudest patient of the day.  =)

No cavities but an orthodontist is in our near future!

When your mom is the hygienist, you get to raid the cabinets. 

That new antibiotic tasted TERRIBLE with a capital T.  He gagged every time.  I may have bribed him with ice-cream the other night to get it down.  

Only problem is, the kid only likes the cones!  Ha. 

All the boys got haircuts last week.  
Brody got the VIP since it was his first time at this location.
He loved that massage.  (ignore the black ear)

The hairdresser didn't believe us that Mason usually has brown hair....

Brody hasn't been able to swim at school yet but, he was able to participate in water day.  

Started Father's Day weekend for John off with a new, filled Ole Miss growler.  

And we cooked him dinner Friday night.

After dinner exercise at the school playground.

Brody got to walk Emma. They may have had a crash or two but all has been forgotten by now.  Emma may never walk with us again...

We swam a lllll day Saturday with our cousin/friends.

And had a little photo shoot.

It was a ton of fun.  We all swam, played games, and laughed.
Five little fishies. (Mason is under water again)

So fun.

Sunday was Father's Day. Time for gifts and breakfast.

John wanted the Captain's famous burritos.  The boys wanted waffles.

John working on his dunk skills...on a 7.5 foot goal. Ha.

We have the best guy to celebrate.

They adore him.

We got the slip-n-slide out for a bit.

And then had to take Brody back to the doctor to switch to another antibiotic.

We headed to Mom and Dad's for dinner.
We let him sleep for a few minutes. =)

The boys got caught.
Brody told Mason he wanted whipped cream.  Mason went to the fridge, pulled it out, and told Brody to lean his head back.  John caught them in the act and said, "if y'all are going to do this, let's do this right" so they did.

Loving on Pops.