Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Rainy Weekend

I have been bad at blogging lately.  
Sometime last week, we checked out the new pizza joint in the Ville.  

All I remember is I was able to win a stuffed animal out of one of those machines.  
It has never happened before!

Some sweet man saw me grab the one stuffed animal.  As he was leaving, he played a couple of times and won this dolphin (maybe that machine was an easy one!) 
But he was so nice and gave it to Brody.  

We went night swimming Thursday.  
The kids have so much fun. 

Friday sounded like a good day for haircuts. 

And to surprise Emily with dinner and gifts.  

It was a rainy weekend.  
We went to Target to "look" at toys.  Brody has a birthday coming up, and we needed ideas. 

You can imagine how well the "looking" went.....we ended up just buying the gifts and bringing them home!

We went bowling to get out of the house.  
We had to bring along this guy and his custom ball and shoes...

Brody was impressed with his skills. 

So was Anderson. 

Griff got a spare. 

Mason loves some bowling. 

Best Friend Cousins

Couldn't get outta there without playing a few arcade games...John included.  =)

Someone is turning the Big 4 tomorrow, and he is ready to celebrate!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Shenanigans

We got home from the lake and headed straight to Luke's birthday party.  He and Mason became such good friends this year in Kindergarten, and we certainly couldn't miss the party!

Especially since it was a water slide. 

Living the life. 

Good buds. 

Since it was actually the 4th of July, fireworks were that night.  We've never been home to see them.  Although we were exhausted, we had to stay awake to enjoy. 

You could see Collierville's fireworks from our house, so everyone sat their chairs in the middle of the street. 

People had their own firework display on the street. 

I don'd even remember when this was, but one night Brody decided to draw all over his arms and legs with non-washable markers.  After multiple scrub downs, he went to school like this.  

Picture says it all...

Brody had an ENT checkup. 

This past Friday, I met up with Jani, Leann, and kids for a swim date. 
As you can tell by the picture, they all had a blast.  So wonderful to catch up. 

Max, Mason, and Ethan. 

Batman with the water gun. 

We went night swimming at Robert and Beccas.  They were super excited.

There were even a few raindrops.

Sunday afternoon we borrowed Reese and all went to the splash pad.  The last time we went it was super crowded, but now that it has restrictions, we almost had the place to ourselves!

John tried to help, but you can imagine what happened next...

He got soaked.  Ha

Ice cream truck stopped by.

Emma on the prowl.

This week was another week of both boys at CCA.

We've been playing a ton of basketball.
Mickey Mouse learned about the game of Horse.

Brody's teacher sent this picture.
His class was painting with fly swatters.

And they had another fun swimming day.

Every.  Single.  Day.
They don't even care the AC is out (waiting patiently on the part to ship).  

Mason missed out on banana pudding at school this week.  Mom picked him up at his normal time and they were about to serve it.  It's his shockingly, she made him one and brought it over.....

Friday night shenanigans....

We decided to make a trip to the town square Saturday.
Nothing like a Dyer's burger...especially when your friend from school's family owns it and his pictures are everywhere.

Nothing like ice cream after lunch on a hot, summer day.

Unless your ice cream melts and lands on your shirt.

Happy Saturday, Folks.