Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Football Fridays

We love Fridays, but Football Fridays are even better.  
It isn't technically college football season, but we can pretend!
Won't be long. 

Brody has started speech Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings.  
He loves walking his Bubba to school Fridays. 

We bought ponchos for our upcoming Disney trip.  The dollar tree ponchos are a bit cheaper than Disneys!  Of course Brody had no idea what the thing was, so we didn't spoil the secret. 

The weather has been amazing (now I'm ready for fall) and we had no plans, we we decided to go to the Collierville High football game that night.  

Last time we couldn't find a seat, so we got there earlier this time.  I swear people were there, although this picture makes you think otherwise.  

Football and airheads.  
What else does a boy need?!?!

The only non-reserved seats were right next to the student section.  So after about thirty minutes, we decided to walk around a bit.  (FYI - I dread the day my boys are in high school after that!) 

The boys threw around the football for the rest of the game and had a blast.  Brody keeps asking when we can go back. 

Saturday was filled with rain.  
Nothing like snacks and a movie on a rainy day. 

We had dinner at my parents Saturday night along with a friendly game of Monopoly, Jr. in which Mason destroyed us all. 

Sunday was Grandpa Larry's birthday and Mrs. Judy had put together a fun birthday party with lots of people!  The kids did so well, but at some point the phones came out.  =)

And this had me a bit nervous but they made it to the table with no drops.
Two cakes for your 65th birthday. 

Happy Birthday!  

We ended the weekend with a stroll around the neighborhood to enjoy the nice temperatures before it is 100 degrees again! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet the Rebels Day

Every.  Single.  Night.
John loves podcasts, Emma thinks she's a human. 

Brody had his first homework ever.  
We drew our stick figure family.  

We went to Meet the Rebels on Saturday in Oxford.
We had never been and were excited to go. 

In front of the stadium,  the new jumbotron is almost done!

The event started at 1pm, but we bought the boys Kids Club Memberships.  They will get into the mens basketball and baseball non-conference games for free PLUS 30 minutes early into Meet the Rebels.  We thought it was a steal...

until we got to the practice field and saw that about 4,000 other people also bought the kids club memberships.  Seriously, the line to get in wrapped around the building. 

As soon as they opened the doors, we quickly filled into the place and into a line of whatever player you wanted an autograph.  Brody and I stood in Hugh Freeze's line, and John and Mason headed over to the quarterback line.....which was wayyyyy longer.  

So we waited.....and waited....and waited.

I mean, what in the world did Moms do before cell phones?!
 I handed that thing over to Brody quickly!

He was so embarrassed to meet the cheerleaders. She was so sweet and asked if he wanted his picture taken, but he refused to talk.  He was smiling but just mortified!!!  Ha. 

I will show this to him when he's 15...

See Coach back there?!  After an hour and a half, we made it.  
He was so nice and asked Brody if he knew how much his Mom loved him for bringing him out there to wait in these long lines.  

Meanwhile, John and Mason were only halfway through their line.  Mason made a friend who happened to bring a football.  I was over there for about ten minutes and decided to walk around with Brody.  Too many people and my child and his friend were knocking people out throwing that football around in tight quarters.  More of a Dad and Son kind of bonding moment.  Ha

Brody and several other kids found the pole vaulting mat.  He thought it was a bounce house, so I told him it was.  We sat over there for a while with him "bouncing".

So.  Many.  People.  

It was all too much for this cute little 4 year old three hours into it. 

But finally,  they made it to the front (thirty minutes after it was scheduled to be over but THANKFULLY, the players stayed to finish up....and there were A LOT of people behind John). 

Mason actually had a really good time and was so excited to get their autographs.  
He wants to hang the sign in his room.  

And of course John did too.  
Im so glad they had fun, and I did too....but it would have been even more fun if it had only been about an hour.  Standing 3 hours in a line is not fun to next year I think it will be a father/son event! 

All that waiting made us late to Baby David's birthday party!  But we did make it and got to sing Happy Birthday to the sweet bday boy.

Saturday night dinner, and I wasn't cool enough to be in the "boys club",

Sunday mornin' snuggles.

Since we accidentally left the gift at home, we were able to see the McGriffs for the second day in a row.  (I will just act like we did that on purpose!)

Mason's school friend had a birthday party at a Lego store Sunday afternoon.
He was in heaven.

They built a "city" together.

Sending his mini-figure down the zipline.

After the party, we met up with our best friend/cousins to hang while the Dads played golf.
Apparently, there is nothing more exciting than all five of them riding in the car.

A little rain won't stop these guys.

But a giant rain puddle will make a photography session go downhill....

Look at all the mud.

They acted like they wanted a picture, but they really just wanted to get me muddy.

The Olympics are taking over my nightly routine...

But we have still had time for some Just Dance competitions.