Thursday, September 29, 2016

Star Wars Movie Night

John took off work Friday to use some vacation time and get a few chores done.  
You can see here how excited Brody was to have his Daddy take him to school.

Collierville had Star Wars movie at the park Friday night.  The boys were so excited about it.  The weather was great (in the shade).  They had food trucks and Star Wars characters.

Enjoying his Chick-fil-a .

In heaven.  Brody absolutely loves Chewbacca.
But you can see here, he was still a bit scared the closer he got.....but still happy as could be.

Happy about that red balloon.

Love these people.

Happy boy with cotton candy.
Ignore the bunny ears John is giving him.  Ha.

So fun.

We snuck away to get our picture with the other guys before the night was over.
And check out those light sabers, thanks to their Dad.

Now this is where I think Mason wished I had not come....I had never seen the movies and needed to ask questions so I could keep up!  I had to stop counting how many crazy and embarrassed looks Mason gave me.

My favorite picture of the night.

Saturday was another HOT football game.   We played Georgia and just John and I went.
The game was at 11, so we were able to spend the second half of the day at home.

Thankfully we won and had a great time.
I am sweating sooooo bad here.

Didn't give up a big lead this time.

My family had a reunion so we were able to spend time with them all weekend.
Dad was holding my cousin's baby girl.  I am not sure I've ever seen him hold a baby (besides mine)!  And if you wonder how it went....he yelled at Mason to stop running and scared the poor thing to death.

Just a normal family event...

Cousin's kids playing.

Had to do a little Sunday afternoon grocery shopping with my two helpers.

Brody at speech Monday asked Mom to take his picture here.

Mason's school had Moments with Mom this week.
It's always fun to spend some time together.

This little stinker and that smile.

Friday, September 23, 2016

They Say it is Fall

They say it is fall (as of yesterday) but it is still VERY hot around here. 

John and I went to the Ole Miss/Alabama game last Saturday. Did I mention it was still hot outside?! Because let me tell you, I didn't think I was going to make it out of there alive.  

Here we are packed into the Grove.  
There were a ton of people and humidity had to have been at 200%...

All the while the boys and my mom were hanging out at Toys R Us.  
I don't think they missed us...

I was impressed all the fans got the powder blue memo.  

The game lasted over four and a half hours.  
So we sat in a metal, hot bowl for over four and a half hours. 
I know this all sounds dramatic....but it isn't.  It was that hot.  
Oh, and we lost.  

We had a birthday party Sunday at Pump it Up. 
The boys had the best time. 

Mason is fearless and after a lot of warming up,  Brody is almost fearless. 

Mason has been all about making and counting his money.  
We bought him a wallet, and he was so excited.  

First Pack 331 boys scout meeting.  

Brody was hoping he could go too.  (Mason decided to be silly.)

Mason got his ortho appliance taken out.
Movin' on up.

Some of our after school playground friends.
Hot or not, they love to stay after school and play.

Being silly.

We found out last week, Brody is going to have a ton of homework.  Like a ton.  It has been no fun....but I will admit, it seems to be getting easier AND he is doing better.  But do I love it?!  NO!  Between working, cooking dinner, baths, and homework for both boys....we have no evenings.

But he looked super cute for picture day.  =)

Mason was playing tag yesterday at recess.  Poor thing ran full speed into a classmate and they hit faces.  Don't worry, he didn't cry.  But he did show anyone that would look.  He was very proud.
(disclaimer: the other child is okay too)

We had the Tara Oaks Tailgate after school.  John couldn't get out of work in time, but we still went.  We saw all kinds of friends (Mason's and Brody's).

And we got MemPops.

No idea how this is even possible.

They had a #901 Rock station.

We had a blast.
We love our school!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weekend of Football and Festivals

Boys Scouts came to Mason's school, and boy are they smart.  They met with all the boys and told them they were going to go kayaking, shoot bb guns and bow and arrows, and camp.  You can imagine the excitement when Mason asked if we could go to the information meeting for parents.  

As you can imagine, we went to the meeting.  
We joined Pack 331 with his best friend, and they can't wait for their first meeting.  

More napkin art. 
Their friends are making requests now...

Football Friday in the Brower house. 

Brody's school celebrated Grandparents Day on Friday.  
He was so surprised. 

After work/school, I was making Grove food and had hot sauce out.  John bet Mason $5 he wouldn't eat a dollop of it...well the boy did, and he got five bucks. 

We played Woffard for the first home game of the year, and we had two excited boys.  

Mason leading Brody to the Grove. 

They quickly made themselves right at home. 

After food, they were ready for the bounce houses.  
They certainly did not forget about them.

The kid zone felt like it was about 5 miles away.  It was also in the direct sunlight.  
But they had a blast. 

Poor Brody was yelling "Hey, there's the bear!"  But as soon as Rebel tried to give him a hug or high five, the child was not having any part of it.  It must have been the worst internal conflict ever!  He wanted his picture taken but didn't want to stand next to him.  Ha. 

They both did so well with the baseball game. 

The Rebel came to cheer on Brody. 

Thankfully, the opened the basketball arena and we cold off in there before our hike back to the tents. 

So much fun.  
(Brody was too hot.  We had to take off a layer.)

Mason got to wear the cape again. 

LOVE the bowled in stadium. 

It looked like a storm was rolling in around the half.  The boys were tired, and we decided to leave.  There ended up being a 20 minute lightening delay but never rained.  

Got in a couple more throws. 

We decided to keep the fun going (or exhaustion) and headed to the 
Germantown Festival Sunday afternoon.  

We rode plenty of rides. 

(I mean how high are Mason and Reese here?!)

We definitely enjoyed snacks. 

These two have seen a couple of Gtown Festivals. 

I mean how little are these two?!!

Brobro really enjoyed his chocolate ice-cream...

Two full days in a row is just too much....

Brody has started homework also. 
It's the real deal.

Red, White, and Blue for Patriot's Day!