Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Birthday, Shower, and Pumpkins = BUSY

We got home from the trip just in time to celebrate Mason's 7th birthday. 
 How can it be?!  

He had already picked out his presents from the Lego store, but we snuck in one more.  He was invited to a friend's birthday party on his actual birthday.  After explaining there would be no celebration for him at the party, he still decided he wanted to go.  

I felt pretty bad about him going to another party on his birthday, so I figured a Nerf gun would help.  Little did I know that thing shoots off like a rocket.  Ouch. 

I had a baby shower at the same time the birthday party was, so Mom came over to watch Brody for about an hour.  I guess he was still in Florida mode...

After all the parties, we had family pictures later that afternoon.  (I know, how horrible of me!) 
So for dinner, Mason got to choose.  Wherever.  He decided on Chilis.  The ONLY reason is because they have electronic game systems for each kid. =)  And he was so excited because his best friends' cousins came to celebrate.  

We ended the night with a cookies and cream ice cream cake.  
(He is just like me and is not a fan of cake!)

One day last week I took this picture of the boys.  The days are all running together.
Brody had an umbrella parade while they were reviewing the letter U.  Mason wore his class tshirt and was so excited about spraying the principals with water guns for hitting their fundraiser class goal.  

Brody was very excited I FINALLY picked up a pumpkin for us to paint.  His class was having a contest.  Of course he wanted it painted immediately.  

Man oh man.  I never thought I would see the day.  This child has FINALLY decided to try and ride his bike....I mean any bike would have been exciting.  He has figured it out and rides "super fast". 

Mason raised enough money for Pancakes with the Principals.  One of the moms showed me a picture of his pancakes.  Apparentlty there was a toppings bar and they let the kids do it themselves.  I've never seen so much syrup, sprinkles, and marshmallows in my life!

I ran the Color Run 5k with Becca and Reese Saturday morning.  T
he weather was perfect for a run!

Getting paint on you always makes running more fun. 

Look at that cloud of paint. 

We finally made it back to Beale (which meant we were almost done).  They may have messed up the course a bit and made everyone run further than 3.2 miles. 

After the race, we all went home to get ready for Ben and Melissa's baby shower at our house.  
We catered Mexican and I had been worried we wouldn't have enough food.....this bin of chips tells you we had plenty.  

The shower turned out great....even if Ole Miss lost. 

It's always fun hanging out with friends.  =)

Brody woke up with crazy man hair Sunday 

And they just couldn't believe their eyes when they saw those chips. 

Sunday afternoon we decided to go to the pumpkin patch. 
I still can't believe it isn't a little cooler around here yet!

Hayride over to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. 

Found the perfect pumpkins.  

Family selfie.  Ha.  
This was John's idea fyi. 

They had awesome play areas for the kids.  
They had a blast. 

We ended that busy, busy weekend with painting our pumpkin.  
Brody wanted a Robin pumpkin, so thats what we did. 

And he was VERY proud.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 5 and 6 - The End

On our last day, we went back to Magic Kingdom.  It is the most "magical" park for sure. Can't leave without one final visit. 

We found one of our new BB8 toys our maid hid in our window seal. 

We were able to get reservations for Be Our Guest.  It is the newest restaurant in the park but is a quick service meal.  It looks like The Beast's castle and is really beautiful.  

The fun thing about having dining reservations before the park opens, you get pictures walking down Main Street with no one around.  So pretty. 

Dad and Mason thought this was fun of all things. 

Woohoo, we did it. 
Of course we wore matching shirts.  =)

Brody had been begging to do the race track all week after he saw it the first day.  We had a fast pass this day.  You can see his excitement.  The cars are on a track so the kids can drive.  John most definitely had whip lash from Mason's driving skills. 

Space Mountain.
I thought Mason may be scared but he LOVED it.  He did much better on roller coasters by the end of the week.  I think he just knew what to expect by then. 

We got Mason a "Happy Birthday" button and Brody a "1st Visit Button".


Watching the show on the main stage. 

Popcorn eatin'

We ran into our buds again.  

These pictures may be my favorite.  
Brody didn't care too much for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  Somehow, he is staring right into the camera like "help me!". 

Poor thing.  But it does make for a great picture. =)

We also ran in to Luke.
The boys were so happy to see each other.

Here's the thing about Brody....he may have been scared, but he had no problem getting back on another ride.  He just needed to be clinging onto me the entire time.  And he asked if it was going to "go down real fast" the entire ride.

This was the last ride we did.  Splash Mountain.  Go figure our car actually got soaked.  Ha.  But it was a blast, and I'm so glad we got a picture with all six of us on it.  =)
What troopers my parents are!

We left the park after lunch to go home and sleep rest.
We had tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

After the much needed nap, the boys put on their costumes and were anxiously awaiting the party.
Introducing Kilo Ren and Chewbacca

Us adults weren't too festive.  I wasn't too sure if everyone dressed up...but they do.
As you can see, we look pretty exhausted at this point.  Ha.

We decided to go on and claim a spot for the Halloween parade.

They add many more decorations for the party and have fun lights.  It was all pretty cool.

 They loved the parade.

After that, we went trick or treating.  They had lots of candy stations set up.  It was easy to fill your bag.  You could also ride rides, etc.  There were several characters out that you usually don't see.

 Brody had been really wanting to meet Buzz, but it had seemed impossible until that night.

So happy.  
(Brody's had is on backwards)

After lots of candy and excitement, we ran over to see the Hallowishes fireworks.  We didn't have the best spot, but obviously you can see fireworks from just about anywhere.

Such a fun way to end the trip.

Our flight didn't leave until 6pm.  We had planned to go to Disney Springs (also known as Downtown Disney) and make a very important stop at the Lego Store.  Since Mason's birthday was in two days, he got to have a fun bday shopping spree to end the trip with a bang.

They could have stayed in there all day.

The weather was perfect so we ate lunch outside.

We headed back to the hotel to get on the Magical Express Ride to the airport.  I can not explain how happy we all were to fly home instead of drive!

Brody ended up falling asleep on the bus and didn't wake up until AFTER we went through airport security.

So exciting to watch the planes.

He kept asking if we were really going to "go up high in the sky".

Plane ride was great.  Everyone did perfect.  Right as we landed Brody yelled (loud), "That was so cool!"  Everyone around us laughed.

Got home to a Trump sign in our yard.  Ha

I think we were all happy to be home.
But we had an AMAZING  time.  It was the best trip we have taken to date.  Disney is run like a well-oiled machine.  If you plan like they suggest and do all the months of hard work (which is honestly not fun at all), the trip goes so smoothly.

We had five days at the parks, and we all felt like we pretty much did everything there.  We rode all the rides, ate at the good restaurants, and had so much fun.

The boys are still talking about it.
And even if they don't remember one day, we certainly have the pictures to prove it.  =)