Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  
We started the day off with the Macy's Parade and breakfast casserole.  

Its a tradition. 

We got showered, put on our turkey gear, and left for Mrs. Peggy's house. 

I promised them I would only ask for one picture.  For some reason, my face looks funny but they all scrammed after it was taken and said "No more pictures!"

But I did force a selfie. 

It was a bit weird having Thanksgiving without Mamaw.  She was in charge of the turkey, dressing, her special creamed corn, and we cannot forget her Milky Way Cake.  

My mom and aunts worked on the cake the weekend before, and thankfully, we still had some of Mamaw's corn frozen!

Mrs. Peggy made the dressing and it was perfect.  Mamaw would have been proud of all of us.  (but mad we had mashed potatoes!)  

Although she was missed, we had a wonderful day filled with our large family and a lot of laughter. 

I arrived at Target promptly at 6 to hit the sales.  I pulled up and saw Melissa, who is 39 wks pregnant with a boot on her foot.  That is devoted. 

We got up a few more Christmas decorations Friday. 
The boys were excited about our new Santa. 

John and I went to Oxford Saturday for the Egg Bowl.  Minus the outcome of the game, we had a great day together. 

Sunday was Pops' birthday.  We decided to do brunch which was a great change.  

And then we got to hang out for a few hours....and of course open presents. 

We love our Pops!

Sunday afternoon we did Thanksgiving with the Browers.  
We ate a TON of food again....theme of the weekend. 

And these three kill me sometimes.  They do love each other. 

We are blessed to have so much family around us.  

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Rockets, Donuts, and a Broken Finger = Boy Mom

We had zero plans last weekend.  
Friday night : popcorn and a movie. 

And we decided to have chocolate chip cookies on a Santa plate....why not?!

We went on and put up our Christmas decor.  We had a couple of weekends in a row with nothing on our calendar.  I love putting up Christmas, but I don't like being rushed.  We are going to Oxford the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we just bit the bullet.  
(We even have a present under the tree!)

Boys Scouts had a Star Wars Rocket Launch event Saturday.  We had never launched rockets before, so we decided to go.  Of course, it finally got a bit cold on us but it wasn't too bad.  

Mason and his best bud.  They are two peas in a pod.  

It was actually pretty cool.  Now we know what we are doing and have two rockets....I see more launches in our future.  

Brody had a birthday party right after the Boy Scouts event. It was at our local donut shop, and I was probably the most excited of them all to go.  We have heard nothing but great things about their parties, and I had been hoping we would get to go to one at some point.  

The owner is extremely energetic and puts on a great show.  They get to go back in the kitchen and make their own donuts.  

And they really do.  
We would eat pizza while the dough was rising, eat cake while it was "resting" in this humidifier.  
Really, the entire process of making a donut is pretty cool.  

Brody really started to get into it.  

After they cooked in the hot oil, the owner dunked them in chocolate and the kids decorated with sprinkles.  They each got a bag with their two donuts in them to take home.  So fun. 

Brody and I got home to this.....

All the neighborhood kids were over playing.  John wanted to watch football, so he brought our extra tv outside in the garage with the heater going.  

Cold weather means soup weather. 

And it was kid approved. 

Brody convinced his big brother to jot down his Santa list for him.  
The kid is demanding I tell ya.  

We did a little shopping Sunday afternoon...

And then had basketball practice.  Check out Mason's new ball shoes....he looks wayyyyyyy too big. 

Brody loves our Christmas tree upstairs.  
It has all of our picture and handmade ornaments.  

Napkin art for last day of school before Thanksgiving break. 

Mason brought home a folder with lots of work and all were 100s.  
We were so proud of his hard work. 

I got a phone call while I was at work the other day from the school.  The nurse was worried Mason had broken his finger.  She said she wouldn't be too concerned except she thought it may be at the growth plate....meaning he needed an X-ray.  Mickey Mouse picked him up for us, and John took him to the doctor (ya know he has an orthopedic doctor because of his collar bone). 

X-rays showed no growth plate involved but that it was broken. So they put a little splint on his finger, and he is good to go.  No big deal.  He even practiced basketball and did great.  

(but the kid has already broken two bones and I have only broken one finger my entire life....)

I worked half a day Wednesday and then took the boys with me to run a few errands.  I can't tell you the last time Brody took a nap, but man did he need one!

We need all the rest we can get now that Thanksgiving is here!  

Friday, November 18, 2016

Basketball, Basketball, and More Basketball

We have been practicing three times a week for basketball.  Yes, you read that right, three times a week.  It's actually pretty fun and I know the kids are loving it.

The Wives' Club had our annual downtown dining week dinner.  It's always at a fun restaurant and of course, only $20.16 since it is 2016.  Such a fun night.

Brody and I liked the new filter on snapchat.

This is what we do on Friday nights now...

But we got our jerseys and the entire team was so happy.  The rec league pics NBA teams to mimic, and we are the Grizzlies.  Woo Hoo.

And Mason is #2 again.  Same number as tball and his Daddy's number in high school.  I promise they just hand us a jersey, but this is what he ends up being.

Watching football Saturday morning with Captain America...

It got a tiny bit cold this week.  Sweater Weather.

The entire first grade sang at the Tara Oaks book fair at the local Barnes and Nobel Tuesday night.  I don't think they were expecting the entire class, but it was close to it.  So many kids and parents.

Mason did so well.  He knew all the words and motions.

We could hardly see, so we watched through one of the phones in front of us.

Mason had to leave immediately and head to Scouts.  Brody walked around looking for Christmas presents (and not understanding we couldn't get them that moment).  But he was so excited to see the Tara Oaks Tiger.

After a few days of no listening....we brought out the Santa card.

This is what Brody and another little brother do during basketball practice.  They play on phones and have their own game of 3-4 year old basketball going.

John was teaching Mason some tricks after a scrimmage.

Mason has written us two letters this week while he should be asleep. John and I were laying in bed and heard it coming under the door.  The first was a letter telling us him and Brody loved us and hoping they had been good that day.  The second was a two page sci-fi story he made up.

We've had to break it to him that although him writing and being creative is just can't do it when you are supposed to be asleep!

Brody had to turn in a turkey disguise.  We chose Olaf because they only had white feathers at the store.  He was pretty proud of our hard work.

Thursday night, while the Dads were bowling, Becca and I took the kids to dinner and ice cream.

These five have a blast together....even if they are loud and crazy while doing it.  =)

Today was Brody's schools Thanksgiving Feast and Native American Day.
He was thrilled.

They love each other.

I was sent this picture and I'm fairly certain Brody is saying to himself, "they actually want me to eat this mess?!"  

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!!!