Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

John and I woke up, made coffee, sat downstairs, and decided we needed to wake up the boys.  
So much excitement the night before (Mason woke up probably four times between 10-12 asking when it was time to wake up), but not a peep from them the next morning!

Mason got a couple of games, Legos, an Ole Miss shirt, and this foam minecraft sword he has been eyeing for a while.  He never asked for it since he and I made one out of cardboard.  He was pretty excited for the real thing.

Brody got Playdo, a Pikachu, and Pie Face Showdown.
He was thrilled.

And in the middle there is the Xbox.  It is a shared gift.  Mason left specific requests such as "I want the xbox in my room", but Santa left it in the middle so it is shared and will be in the playroom.  =)

He was so excited Santa liked the candy cane.

Sleepy boys excited to see what Santa brought.

Couldn't believe they actually got an Xbox.

And Pie Face Showdown.

Super Mario brothers game for the Wii.  Talk about something Mom likes, this game has taken me back and I'm just as good as I was in 8th grade.  =)

Who knew toothpaste and a new toothbrush was so exciting?!

And a laser gun.

Emma wasn't too sure what was going on.

We let Santa bring the fun stuff, Mom and Dad are boring with clothes and educational games.

John and I gave each other cooking gifts.  Now we just need to run to Costco to buy a bunch of meat.  He got this smoker, and I got an Instant Pot and a copper skillet.
Hopefully this doesn't mean no more eating out!

Mason thought it was so funny he and his brother picked out the same gift for each other.

Two peas in a pod.

To Grandma's house we go.
After we do Santa at our house, we head to Mickey Mouse and Pops to open gifts.

Matching pjs.

For some reason I forgot to take many pictures.   Must've been a good time!
The boys got tons of clothes and toys.  We basically needed a Uhaul to get home.

And these double light sabers.
Who knew weapons could entertain for hours?!

John's tradition: can't leave their house until the chocolate Santa has been eaten....

And he likes to put on all kinds of new clothes with the tags and wear them home.
Every.  Single.  Year.   =)

We went home, got dressed, and came back over for lunch with the entire family.

Here is one with regular smiles.

After lunch, we finally let Brody play Pie Face Showdown, and I'm sure he would tell you it did not disappoint.  

Mason pulled his head back as soon as he knew he was about to get pied.  Ha.  Smart boy. 

Even though you can't play often or for does provide a lot of entertainment.

John lost.
Pretty sure he was being a good Dad right there and letting Brody win.  =)

We went to Mrs. Connie and Mr. Jimbo's house for the kids to exchange gifts.

The big kids didn't really want to sit with the baby as they called him.  Apparently Baby David heard them say that and leaned down and bit Brinkley on the leg.  It was hilarious.

And got us a good picture of all four.  =)

Our annual Christmas day photo in front of the tree.
32 years and counting.
(would be 33 but I wasn't around just yet for our first Christmas!)

And then this....

Christmas is fun and all.  We love it.  Can't wait for it all year.  But goodness, the aftermath.  So overwhelming.  Thankful to have a husband that can't stand it all out and runs around all day putting stuff away.  But these toys don't really fit into this playroom!

And I know I say this every year (and soon I won't be able to say it), but this was the best Christmas yet.  7 and 4 are awesome ages.  All around really.  To see the joy in their eyes throughout this entire Christmas season, it has been so much fun.  We are blessed.  

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve

The elves kept themselves busy the closer we got to Christmas .

The boys like to pick out gifts for each other every year.  Mason and I went about a week ago and Brody had hinted at what he wanted to get Mason.  

We wrapped them on Christmas Eve Eve Eve.  So excited. 

I had seen this online and the kids loved it.  

Made an elf rainbow. 
(or an rainbow blob because I added too much water)

We were all out of school and work the Friday before Christmas and everything was done.  We finally went to see the new Star Wars movie.  It was actually really good. 

We also did more Christmas light seeing. 

On Christmas Eve the elves brought reindeer food. 

And they opened the last of the advent calendar.  
So happy to finally get that Christmas Chewbacca. 

We had been given a kit to make Jesus a birthday cake from church.  I tried to chop my fingers off while making the thing, but all is well and I still have ten fingers. But the boys had fun. 

We celebrated Christmas with the Browers' for a Christmas Eve brunch. 


It was nice having all the kiddos together.  

Let the madness begin. 

We love some Pokemon. 

Our yearly group Christmas photo.  

They are getting too big too quick. 

Grandma Reba got in and the little boys decided it was a fine time to touch her hair...

I think this was the best one.  

We rested a bit that afternoon before heading to my parents.

So thankful for the best parents in the world.

Love these guys whether they like to take pictures or not....=)

Opening our Christmas jammies.

Apparently, he loved them.

We headed home for to make sure the reindeer would have food.

And of course got out our cookies and milk for Santa.
Mason decided he wanted to draw a nice note for Santa, since he is so nice to others.
(Brody followed along.)

Mason also left him a candy cane just in case he wanted one.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house.
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.