Tuesday, November 21, 2017

End of the Soccer Season

We celebrated Anderson and Griff's birthday last week.
Cant believe they are FIVE!

Mason had a soccer game Thursday night, Saturday, and Sunday.  Brody had games Saturday and Sunday.  We were thinking the weekend games would get rained out but thankfully, we were wrong!

It was pretty dark, and chilly Thursday night, but Mason was excited to play. 

At least I was happy it was Friday.  

Saturday morning was windy!  Super windy.  
Mason got to play midfield (I think that is the position...I do not know soccer) all weekend.  He did really well.  He is best at running quickly all over that field.  

Saved the ball into play. 

Running around can wear a kid out.
He had two hotdogs while waiting for Brody to play. 

Brody's turn.
He absolutely LOVES talking to his teammates out there.  =)

It is a blurry picture but that ball in the goal, Brody was the one who kicked it in.  
He was soooooo excited. 

As you can see by the pictures....

Saturday afternoon was another friend's birthday party.  That is three Saturdays in a row if you are counting.  The birthday boy was sweet enough to invite Brody also.  Since we are at Mason's school every Friday and he plays on the playground after school, everyone knows who Brody is.  It's pretty funny.

Brody acted like such a big kid and had a great time. 

Saturday night was our 2nd annual Friendsgiving. It was a busy day, but we were thankful to have a nice evening with friends. 

Our Friendsgiving consists of each person making an "adult dish", babies, talking about babies/kids, guys watching football, and laughter.  

It.  Is.  Perfect.  

Sunday afternoon was more soccer....and boy was it COLD.  Freezing.  

U5 soccer is funny. 
 Kids are always on the ground and all running to the ball at the same time.  
Brody has had a fun time this year with a great little team.  
Not sure what we will do with our Saturdays!

Mason's game started at 4, but Brody's didn't end until 4:15.  John went on to Mason's while we wrapped up Brody's.  As I was walking up to his game, I see what I thought was Mason and a kid about a foot taller than him running down the field with the ball.  Next thing I know, the ball is soaring through the air and went into the back of the net.  Mason had scored a goal.

I was so excited.  John texted me "Goalllllll".  Ha.  As soon as I sat down, Mason was near me on the field and said, "Mommy, did you see I scored a goal?!"  Thankfully I was able to say yes!

Turns out, he had had another shot on goal before we got there.  Another hard, kicked ball, but it hit the post.

Blocked the kick. 

He ended up getting a couple of more shots on the goal.  
He didn't make it, but here is another one. 

Did I mention it was cold?!  We couldn't feel our feet. 

Unfortunately we only had six players there, which meant we had no subs and played with one less player than the other team the entire game (plus their three subs).  We managed to pull out a 3-1 victory anyways.  Mason was exhausted but loved every minute of it.  He had an AWESOME coach and team this year.  

It was a fun, fun season!  I do think he is going to miss it. 

Still couldn't believe he scored that goal. 

First basketball practice was Monday night.  

Here we go again....=)

Monday, November 13, 2017

The End of Fall Ball

Well it has happened....Brody only wants to wear "cool clothes" to school.

Show-N-Tell were the letters Y and X this week.  I could not think of anything, and Brody runs downstairs with his Yoda.  Kid is smarter than me!

Mason had a pirate's lunch at school for hitting a fundraiser goal.  

We had Friday Night Skills, and it was freezing cold.  John and I made coffees and brought layers just to keep warm.  The kids had a blast and continued to tell us they were hot....

Saturday was a busy day.  The boys had soccer games at the same time that morning, so John and I split up.  I was at Brody's game, he was at Mason's.  But I went back and forth when Brody was out of his game.  

Mason did so well.  He has just gotten so much better as the season has gone on.  He hasn't played in THREE years, so there was definitely a learning curve.  Not to mention, it is real soccer now.  You can't say he doesn't run around and hustle the whole time.  

Brody has the time of his life out there whether he is running with the ball or rolling down the hill.  Either way, he is having fun.  =)

This picture is great.  Mason looks like he is dying in pain, but I guess I shot it right when he hit the ground.  He got right back up and even earned his team a penalty kick.  He was pumped.  

He totally ran that kid down. 

 Happy they won. 

 It was a fun day all around. 

After the game, I took Mason to his friends' birthday party at Main Event.  
He had a blast. 

Time hop killing me over here.  
A lot can change in five years. 

Sunday was an afternoon of games.  We've had so much rain that it messed up both baseball and soccer schedules.  Mason had a double header in baseball and a soccer game.  He couldn't be in two places at once, so he missed his soccer game.  Brody also had a soccer game. 
John and I went to the baseball games, Mom took Brody to his soccer game.  

So this kid....he has been getting upset if he doesn't get a hit....   And it isn't often, but it does happen.  I mean it is baseball, the goal for the other team is to get outs!  So I talked to him before the games explaining we had two games, he would not get a hit every time he went to the plate.  No reason to get upset, no one expects him to get a hit every time.  All we wanted was have fun.  He then tells me that HE expects himself to get a hit every time.....(he is just so hard on himself, but there was nothing else I could possibly say)

Well go figure, he got a hit every time probably just to prove me wrong.  Ha. 
I mean I was just trying to help here.  

Hate that this is blurry, but this is the look of a kid after hitting a home run.  
Third home run during fall ball.  

Coach John. 

 We had the best kids on this baseball team.  I think they all had a blast together.  Oddly enough, none of them knew each other before the season, but they are friends now.  

 Sad for it to come to an end, but there will always be the spring.  
Mason is lucky to have such a good Daddy. 

Can't leave out this little guy.  He wanted his picture with his Dad in his uniform too.  
Hate we had to miss his game....especially his dab during the game.  =)

One more week/weekend of soccer....then we are on to basketball!