Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Working for the Weekend

These two are becoming best friends.
If its not jeep wars, its lightsabers. 

Mason couldn't handle the heat last week and it rained off and on, so we did some garage painting. 

Thursday night we had a sprinkle for Steph at The Kitchen. 
 It was my first time here and the view was stunning.  

The friends and food were great too.  

It looks like we are at the beach instead of good ole' Memphis.
I can't wait to go back. 

The boys were out of school Friday for teacher inservice, so we got to hang all day.  They both had a gift card to Toys R Us, and I had promised Mason we could take a trip since he has been such a trooper the last couple of weeks.  

Too many Nerf guns to choose from. 

I had mentioned going to Smallcakes to get cookies later Friday night.  All of a sudden, Brody remembered about 30 minutes before they closed.  I told him I would go but someone had to come with me.  He had no desire to go but begged Mason to ride with me.  

Mason always falls for it, poor thing.  Off we went to Smallcakes for ice cream and the last cookie.  

And this dude was happy.
Although he said he waited too long for his brother to come home....I mean really?!

Saturday was a hot day of soccer.  

Brody was up first.  
Here he is listening to the coaches....ha. 

These pictures make him look like a little soccer player.  He did MUCH better this week.  Stayed out there the whole time, sat with his team, and ran with the ball. 

He did continue to yell at us from the middle of the field with things like "Why does the white team keep scoring?" and "Did you see me push that kid down?!"

Im pretty sure all the parents were laughing at his little personality.  But we were proud that he stayed out there and gave it a go this time!

Especially since it was sooooo hot. 

Next up was Mason's game.  
Brody made himself his own shaded entertainment room. 

Check out how small our guy is compared to some of these kiddos.
He wasn't feeling too well and was struggling with the heat.  He started getting sweat blisters and everything.  This fever blister outbreak has been the WORST.  But thankfully, we think it is getting better!!!! 

He volunteered to play goalie second half, which in my opinion, was smart since he didn't have to run for another half!  Ha 

He did well for never even practicing that position, and certainly got better as the game went on.  
He said he had a ton of fun. 

After soccer, we headed over to the UT party to watch their football game.  We have been in the Grove for the past several years, so it was kind of nice to hang with friends and kiddos on a football Saturday.

Mason drove Claire around for a bit.
Funniest picture ever 

Brody was getting his landshark game face on. 

The 3 Musketeers.  

Soccer on Saturdays, baseball on Sundays.  
I was super nervous for this game because it was my turn to be "dugout Mom".  I didn't even know all the kids names.  I finally got the hang of it, and the kids were great.  I could definitely live without ever having to put catcher gear on a kid again.  

Speaking of being nervous, our coach pitcher left his glove at home and had to go grab it.  John had to pitch the first inning for him since he wasn't there.  I seriously thought I was going to vomit although I know this is just a rec league. Of course he did great, and Mason assured all the kids he was very good at pitching.  =)   

Mason was 3 for 3 and just had an awesome game.  They are 2-0 now. 

Big news in the Brower house : Mason got into the Lego Club at school.
They started first session clubs and 2nd grade only had 3 options with only 20 kids in each club.  We tried and tried to explain that it was very likely he wouldn't get into anything.  Somehow he got into his first choice, and he was so very excited.  Not to mention, one of his favorite teachers is the leader.

He will meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning for the next couple of months.
(It was also Talk Like a Pirate Day at school, so they wore arrrrrgyle socks.)

School days are still very long for this guy.  He had to take a cat nap before picking up Mason today.  
He is doing sooooo well at his new school.  He is learning more and more each day.  
We are so proud!

Monday, September 11, 2017

And so it Begins...

Football Friday again for these guys. 

Friday afternoon speech with my little guy.  

And bonus was we got to see Mason's class in the hallway before the speech teacher grabbed him.  Once he left for speech, I headed into Mason's classroom to scrape stickers off the wall...my arms can't handle longer than an hour of that manual labor!!!  Brody gets dropped back into Mason's class until the bell rings.  He and Mason LOVE it. 

Friday afternoon fun.  
This balloon lets off at the school, so the man will say hello and we can talk back. 

Saturday started our fall fun.  
It was a little hectic but we managed.  Just had to pack a cooler of lunches, split up, and follow the game plan. Looks like next weekend will be just as much fun.  

Mason had baseball practice from 9-10:30.
Brody had soccer practice/game 10:30-12:15. 
Mason had a soccer game from 12:15-1:45.

This little guy was SUPER excited about getting to put on a jersey and having people watch HIM play a sport.  

They have changed it up a bit since we last played soccer.  They have always practiced 30 minutes before the game at this age but now they practice with the other team and with Lobos coaches (not our own coach).  He did pretty good for the practice.  

So the last 45 minutes, they play a game with the other team.  Its 4 on 4 and they rotate the whole time.  Super low-key.  Problem is by now, our stubborn child was not really into it much.  He certainly didn't want to sit with his team, he wanted to sit with us.  And if you don't know, he does what he wants to do.  =)

And he really wasn't much into it.  

And then he threw a fit.  So I would definitely say it didn't go too well.  Ha.
Although, now he is asking when his next game is....so we shall see.  

Now poor Mason.  He has been under the weather for a week but so looking forward to starting his soccer and baseball games.  Problem is, he is either allergic to this ointment we have been using (for years) or had a reaction to the sun/virus.  By the time he was done with baseball, he was itching so bad.  Once I got him into the shade, I noticed a rash all over his face and body.  He calmed down though, and was able to play.  He had been so looking forward to this game.  

They are the Minutemen and their coach is awesome.  This is the first time he has ever played a legit, real soccer game on a giant field.  They call offsides and have positions, etc.   Since they only had one practice due to weather and he is by far one of the youngest on the team since he is playing U10, I was nervous for him.  But he did soooooo well.  He hustled the whole time. They won 5-1.  He had two assists and even got three kicks at the goal, but didn't score.  

He got to play against one of his good friends from school. 

Now the thing about soccer is it is smack dab in the middle of football.
When Mason was out, John had the game on....

Brothers wearing matching jerseys.  
It was a fun day even if we had a meltdown and allergic reaction!

We were lazy on Sunday.
We got some Christmas gifts out to entertain and keep us out of the sun for at least the morning. 

Mason woke up with a swollen eye and more itching.  We kept him inside as much as possible.  He had his first baseball game at 4pm and John was coaching since our main coach was out of town.

We are the Rockies this fall. 

I think John secretly liked being the head coach.  
He is also going to be the coach who helps catch this year. 

Mason had taken allergy medicine and was seriously completely zonked out.  I mean no emotion whatsoever.  He got two hits, scored twice, and made an awesome throw to first.  No emotion.  

All the while this kid was on a sugar high. 

Looks like he will be playing short stop or second a lot this fall. 
Oddly enough, thats what his Daddy played.  

Dad wanted his picture taken. =)

We have a bunch of really good kids on our team.  They've all played baseball before and get along well.  It was fun.  We won 13-3.  Coach John got to give the fun meeting after the game.   

And Mason had a great fan club.  

Mind of his own. =)

We are so proud of Mason.  He did NOT feel well at all this weekend, and he was a trooper.  He was super busy and had to be out in the sun the whole time.  No one would have EVER known it.  
He is such a sweet kiddo.