Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kindness Week

I know this picture is blurry but it is the best I could do. These kids take foreeeeeeeever to go to sleep.  Especially Brody.  He comes in our room 20 times every night!  And once we raise our voices....he starts going into Mason's room and just "chatting".  Its a nightly routine.

So here is a picture I don't want to forget.  Here we are thinking they are finally asleep when Mason walks into our room telling us Brody is in his room asleep.  I walked in there and sure enough, the child fell asleep in Mason's bed.  

This is my life....

Everyone usually avoids the rain and puddles....but not this one. 

Mason got new shoes and was pretty proud of his outfit. 

Our four pound dog made so much noise at the vet's office.  I mean it was only to clip her nails.  She must not have understood she was going to the spa. 

Friday was the feels like a different America.
We shall see. 

Saturday morning basketball practice. 

The most exciting thing was the SUN came out!  I mean it has been at least a month! I took Brody out for some Vit D while Mason played ball. 

We were pumped. 

We got home and stayed out allllll day.

Saturday night, I volunteered at the Crystal Ball to help out my cousin Lisa.
It was set up so nice.  I helped during the live auction, and it made me have so much anxiety.  Someone bidding $33,000 on a trip is nerve-racking!

A plus was being able to spend some time with Mom and Mrs. Peggy. 

Sunday lunch at Huey's after church.  

It is Kindness Week at Mason's school.  (I think we should all celebrate Kindness Week!)
Monday they were to wear crazy hats.  He chose this one.  I have no idea why the serious face.

Brody had speech that morning and of course wanted to get in on the hat action.

Yesterday was mustache day.
Monkey see, monkey do.

Brody was in a GREAT mood this morning.

Class t-shirt day for this smiling big boy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lazy Weekend

We had a very lazy weekend trying to get settled back home after being out of town.  Plus, it has been raining and dreary for the last two months and appears there is no end in sight.  Ugh. 

John decided to text out his new smoker he got for Christmas on Saturday.  
He smoked ribs all day, and they were amazing.  

 While eating dinner, Brody found it was the best time to snap pictures of everyone...

Sunday morning I snapped a couple of pictures of the boys before church. 

 And then Brody insisted he have his picture taken with John. 

Next up, he demanded he take the picture.  
Picture could not be taken until I was making a silly face. 
This kid runs our house at times....

Mason decided to jump in on the photography skills. 

Sunday afternoon we headed to the Salentine's for a little playoff game fun.  They converted us to Packer fans years ago, and the boys were ready. 

Littlest Packer fan. 

What a cheesehead. 

 They started playing their new game, Beat the Bomb.  It basically makes a giant mess.  
Ha.  But they love it. 

Sometimes lazy weekends are the best weekends. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

100 Years

While John and I were packing for our trip....Mason was playing "dress up" with all of John's things.
I thought he looked quite cute with glasses.

We loaded up the car, and everyone was happy besides one little girl.  You know if she is allowing one of the kids to console her it must be bad!

That snow that Memphis got Friday, decided to hit Atlanta that night.  
All that did was mess up ANOTHER flight to Orlando for us (remember October's driving instead of flying stent).  I'm pretty sure someone up above is not fond of us going to Orlando.  

John's work has a National Sales Meeting every year in January.  This year was different because it was Mueller's 100th anniversary.  They went all out and invited the spouses.  

It is a little easier sitting in an airport waiting on a cancelled/delayed flight when it is on someone else's dime.  What did help pass the time was my amazing book, The Nightingale.  Best book I've read in a loooong time.  Even better, Mason made us these awesome bookmarks to use.  

We finally took off.  Ready for Orlando. 

We started the weekend off with a fun welcome reception and dinner at the hotel.  
The hotel, let me add, was the Four Seasons.  And it was amazing.  It felt like an all-inclusive resort.  
I really could get used to that kind of living!

The next morning we had meetings that everyone attended.  The first hour was an awesome meeting about the timeline and history of Mueller.  It was all very interesting.  The next hour was a motivational speaker that was truly amazing.  

Then we had about five hours to do whatever we wanted.  
They had cabanas rented out along with the NFL games on by the pool.  

That night was the awards dinner.  
The decorations and work they put into this weekend was unbelievable.  

Meanwhile back at home, the boys were ready for school on Monday.
We are so thankful for our parents.  This would have been impossible without their help. 

The employees had meetings during the morning for a couple of hours two of the days.  The fun part for me was the credit they put on our room.  I ended up getting to go to the spa two days in a row (talk about addicting).  The spa was beautiful, and it was the best massage and facial I've ever had.

After yoga, breakfast, and a massage.....relaxing by the pool will do.  

The last night of the trip we split up into groups and were assigned to different restaurants.  

We had heard great things about Morimoto Asia, and it did not disappoint.  

We got back from dinner to head to the closing party.  There was a band, drinks, and lots of desserts.  What more could you ask for?!?

LOVED the idea of The Moscow Mueller.  

It was hard to leave this place.  

We had a great four days.
Mueller put on such a great event with a ton of awesome people. 

We had prepared Mason that we would probably miss his basketball game Tuesday night.  Our flight came in on time, and we were able to surprise him at the game.  

I also found this.  I still draw on their napkins every day.  Mason wanted to draw one for Brody since I wasn't here.  So so sweet.