Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Warm in February

I finally got to walk Mason to school again this past Friday.  It had been a while.  I always enjoy walking to school just the two of us. 

We celebrated Mom's birthday Friday night.  We grilled burgers/hot dogs and just hung out. 
It was fun. 

We had candles and chocolate lava cakes.  Yum.

Saturday was a bit cooler and overcast.  We decided to finally go to IKEA to explore.  I was searching for bins to put Legos in, but that didn't help entice them.  I think the boys could have found something more fun to do, but they were pretty good sports.  

They have a kids drop off play area.  After we were done, we let them play in there for a few minutes.  The whole thing made me a little nervous so we sat around and watched them.  They had fun. 

Since they were such great shoppers, we decided to take them to the movies to see Lego Batman.  They loved it. 

We thought they would be tired, but nope.  John went for a run, and the boys and I went to the playground at the school.  

Sunday morning before church. 

It was BEAUTIFUL Sunday.  We had lunch and then headed to Shelby Farms park.  
It was super crowded. 

We stayed a couple of hours and then came home to play with friends outside.  They played until it was dark outside.  Crazy to be 80 degrees in February.  

 Brody's class had an election to celebrate President's Day.  He and his best friend voted for himself.  He couldn't understand why he didn't win.  Ha.  

 We were driving home tonight and saw a full rainbow.  
The boys couldn't believe it. 

So we jumped out of the car in our neighborhood for a picture.  
Obviously I the boys wanted to capture the moment. 

Dad was in Atlanta, so the boys got McDonalds.  Why not. 

This is a picture from tonight.  
It was beautiful. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Day at the Zoo and Valentines

It is that time of year already.  We had lots of Valentine's projects for school.

Brody had to fill this heart with 20 things he loved.  We found pictures of chocolate chip cookies, milk, eggs, his fav games, etc.

We also had to make a Valentine's box.  
We copied the idea we did for Mason last year.  He loved it.  

Schools were closed Friday for in service.  It was very sunny and low 60s, so we decided to venture to the zoo.  Turns out, the crowds were light and it was a perfect day for it. 

We were so happy Brinkley got to spend the day with us.  These two are pretty funny together.  They get along great, but one is all girl and one is all boy. 

This snow leopard was crazy.  

Apparently it was lunchtime.  He started going crazy when he saw Brody's chips.  

Our first time seeing the new hippo exhibit.  

It did not dissapoint!

Mason asked for this picture.

I can't tell you how excited Brody was to go to the zoo.  I guess its been a while, and he didn't really remember the details.  He just couldn't wait to get there. 

We had a blast.  Pretty sure we walked over three miles.  We def weren't smart in just asking the kids what they wanted to see next.  We ended up seeing it all.....just not in order!

Worn out. 

We went to our favorite pizza place Friday night.  
When I say favorite, I mean the kids and this free Pacman game.  

Saturday, we burned some energy at Get Air.
They did a lot of running. 

And jumping. 

Then some eating. 

Saturday afternoon, we ran to the park near our house.
 Mason rode his bike and Brody ran with John and I.  He literally ran a full mile.

After we played a bit, we all raced.
That is Brody back there throwing a fit because big brother beat him....

We woke the boys up a bit early this morning to give them the Valentine's treats. 

They each got a couple of small things.  
Mason is really into these Fly Guy books, so he was happy. 

Brobro was happy too. 

This is the minecraft box Mason wanted me to make. 

I hope he doesn't get in trouble with the creeper comment!  This particular Minecraft guy is called a Creeper.  And if you were to get Minecraft Valentine's cards, they all say something similar.  Anyways, I made sure to have Mason explain it if anyone asks!  Ugh!

And we sent some roses to each of their teachers.  It never hurts to suck up (especially when you use the term "creeper" in school!)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Garth and Frogs

Last Friday was Donuts with Dad for Brody's school.  They also got to wear their team jerseys for the Super Bowl.  If you cannot tell by this picture, this kid was sooooo excited his Daddy was coming to his school and could see all of his friends. 

He was NOT excited about taking this picture apparently because he wanted donuts!
Who could blame him?!

John's version of a selfie.  
I don't know why guys always lean to the side with their head back....

Saturday was the best day.  
John got me Garth Brooks tickets for my birthday, and Saturday was the day.  I have always wanted to see Garth since the last concert he had here (almost 20 years ago).  Everyone said then that it was the best concert and I remember being sad I missed it.  

I got online the minute they went on sale.  The whole process is crazy these days, but after a while, I finally got tickets.  The Friday and Saturday night show sold out immediately but they offered me tickets to the 3pm show on Saturday.  Of course I took whatever they gave me.  So thankful he kept adding shows!

Honestly, the 3pm show was ideal!  We got down there early for lunch, then hung out for a bit on Beale.  People were everywhere and it was great to see so many people out and about down there. 

Somehow, we ended up with floor seats right up front and in the middle.  We were about ten rows back.  It was amazing.  Just got lucky on that one.  

And like everyone says, he is the BEST entertainer.  Best concert I've ever been to.  

It is insane the amount of people that saw him.  
Four concerts in three days with almost 20,000 people at each concert. 

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday.  

We did grill out some burgers and get to hang with our cousins.  
We did squares for the kids.  

Monday was our first tournament game and ended up being our last game of the season.  The boys played the best they had all season though and had a blast like always.  

Fan club. 

This week as been all about projects!  Man oh man!

We were very glad to get Mason's project on the Northern Cricket Frog finished!  
He was proud. 

Now to finish up the Valentine's projects!