Thursday, March 16, 2017

10 Years

We had a couple of baseball practices last week.  
Brody would rather play on the playground nearby.

Hat day at school.  

Friday was our 10 year anniversary.  
We are planning a trip to San Fran in June that will be our big "celebration", but we had to do a little bit of something fun Friday.  

John took a half day, and we headed to Oxford.  

We had been really looking forward to staying at the Graduate, and it did not disappoint.  
Such a cute hotel. 

All the keys to the room were student IDs.  We got Cooper and then some random woman.  

The hotel is right off the square, and it has the cutest rooftop bar that looks right over it. 

Thankfully, it was 60 and sunny. 

Walking around the square. 

We had dinner reservations at McEwens and then were able to stay awake long enough to finish watching Ole Miss in the SEC b-ball tournament at a bar. It was the start of spring break, so thankfully no students were out and about.  

We ate at the BEST breakfast spot in town before we headed home.  It was a perfect little trip.  

So thankful that we still love hanging out together ten years later.  I am certainly difficult to be around at times, stubborn, and moody.  Somehow John looks past that and still loves me for who I am.  He is my very best friend, and I cannot imagine life without him by my side.  
10 years down, 70 to go.  =)

We rounded up the troop and headed home. 

We had a birthday party Saturday afternoon.  Mason helped me pick out his friend's gift at Target.  
He may never take that hat off. 

Party was at Get Air.  They were so sweet to specifically invite Brody also.  Mason's friend's sister is in Brody's class at CCA, so they were able to hang out when the big kids ditched them on purpose. 
You can see how big Brody thought he was...

A little hurricane fun. 

Wild Saturday night hanging with our friends and kids.  The dance parties these days are a bit different than several years ago...

Monday and that time change had us all off.  It has been so cold this week and dark in the morning.  But this is a king size bed....Brody has the entire bed and he crawls in to sleep on top of his Dad. 

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