Friday, April 28, 2017

Mason is a Busy Bee

Mason had a field trip to Menagerie Farms this week.  It was originally scheduled for last Friday (yay, I am off on Fridays) but with the rain, they had to move it to this Wednesday.  Unfortunately, there was no way I could take off with such short notice, so we were thankful Mickey Mouse was able to go!

It is always such a fun place.  

About to feed the fish. 

Wednesday night, right before bed, Mason showed me that his front, lower tooth was almost out.  That can only mean one thing.....he grabbed me a washcloth, and we pulled that sucker out.  

He is so funny when it comes to stuff like that.  Instead of crying or letting me know when it hurts, he does a nervous giggle.  He can't stop.  Its hilarious.  He is one tough cookie when it comes to pain usually.  

Well we put them to bed and about ten minutes later, Mason came running into our room.   Instead of sleeping he had been wiggling the upper, front tooth and it was now pretty loose and bleeding.  He made the thing sore, but it needed to come out at that point.  He grabbed me the cloth, and I got to extracting.   A couple of tugs later, and the thing popped out.  Talk about excited.  

Two teeth in one night. 

The next morning, the Tooth Fairy had left $10 since he lost two at once and because we were pretty short on cash that late at night.  We stressed to him that we had never heard of her leaving that much, and we were certain it was because it was TWO teeth. 

We are still loving baseball, win or lose.  
It was fun to watch, and he is loving the game. 
He was 3 for 3 and played both infield and outfield.  

Nothing better than all of your Grandparents, two missing teeth, and snacks on a beautiful night at the ballfields. 

This jeep was parked next to me.  I guess Brody had never seen one.  He was in awe and I had to physically pull him away from the thing.  He just wanted "one ride"!

Mason came downstairs last night with this proposal.  
He would like to do 7 chores for $5.  (Guess the Tooth Fairy gave him a taste of what rich feels like to a 7 year old)  If he really sticks with it, we will call this his allowance. 

We got our baseball picture proofs back.  I just love them.  
He LOVES that they gave him some baseball cards of himself.  
Unfortunately, he will probably charge $$ for anyone to have one now....

The team with the coaches. 

And my favorite picture of them all.  
John is really enjoying teaching these kids about the game he once loved to play.  And to have his son out there makes it even better.  Mason is having fun and that is all that matters.  

John has all the patience in the world with those kids.  He is the coach with the knowledge of the game and those kids listen to him.  Mason is so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring father.  Well, we are all lucky to have him around. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Mom and Dad got the boys spy glasses for Easter.
They are ready to hunt for things in the dark now. 


We like to try and have dinner together every couple of months or so.   We can always count on our favorite Mexican restaurant, but they had to move locations.  We decided to drive to the Gtown one due to withdrawals.  The food was great and the company was greater.  As you can see, Lawson and the boys had a blast. 

The farm came to Brody's school!

  We had team pictures before a game last week.  Those boys ran around crazy for the whole hour.  
I just love this picture.  Ha. 

Can't wait to see their little coach/player picture. 

If there is a puddle, he's gonna jump in it. 

They made tie-dye shirts at school last week and then got to wear them Friday. 
 He is so proud of that thing. 

At the school.  

Friday night dinner at Huey's.  
It's always a little crazier when they sit together in the booth...

We had a gender reveal for Steph Saturday.  Unfortunately, it was cold and misting rain all day, but that didn't stop the kiddos.  They fed the horses and chickens and ran out all their energy.    

Another boy!!!!

It was such a fun day.  Boys, rain, and mud.  What more could they ask for?!?!

Sunday night, Mom and I went to dinner and to the Orpheum to see The Sound of Music.  We had bought them as her birthday gift back in February.  

It was such a good musical.  Man, could those people sing!

After the game treat after playing well and having fun!

Here we are in the middle of another week with beautiful weather, and its going to rain all weekend again!  Ugh.  

April showers bring May flowers. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with beautiful weather and family time.  
Good Friday was a fun one.  Becca and the kids came over to dye Easter eggs.  We had lots of eggs and dying kits.  As you can see here, Brody was more interested in eating cereal out of the box....

But really, it was lots of fun.  
The coolest eggs involved dye and rice in a baggie.  Cleanup was easy and the eggs looked awesome.  

What do you do if you drop an egg?!  Why eat it of course. 

The kids took a break and started a lemonade business.  They may have each made 25 cents, but they had a good time doing it.  

Every time these three get together.  
There are always lots of big, belly laughs when you get caught throwing the stuffed animals downstairs. 

John took us out to a nice dinner at Firebirds when he got home.  I swear our kids do better at nicer restaurants.  They are quieter and they LOVE the food.  Brody said "peace out" as he winked and gave the peace sign here. 

We finally got to see Reese at her track meet Saturday.  I had never been to one before and it was really fun.  Events are going on the entire time.  She did AWESOME.  The girl can run and jump.  

These three were cheering her on. 

I think this was the 400m. 

And this is after the 800m. 
 I would have been barely moving at the end and she was sprinting.  

Saturday night we went to Mrs. Peggys for dinner with the family since Unlce Wayne and Gina were in town.  I think everyone was pretty tired at this point.  

And sunburned.  
But never too tired for some cake. 

Worn out. 

The Easter bunny came to see us Sunday morning.  

Mason had been saving up his money for this Beyblade toy.  It is basically an expensive top like we had growing up.  Anyways, the Easter bunny brought it and he was shocked.  He didn't expect anything but some candy.  The kid has played with this thing ever since. 


Obligatory church pictures on Easter Sunday. 

Checking out their loot from Mickey Mouse and Pops.  It was super easy to stop by since their house is 2 miles away now!

He has played with this baseball bat and ball every day.  

The three boys. 

Love this picture even though Mason has gum sticking out of his mouth. 

We had Easter at our house this year since Mom and Dad just moved.
It was a fun day. 

We hid Easter eggs and ran after them without our shirt on.  

This one was in rare form.  

Sharing coconut cake. 

Playing baseball.  So serious. 

It was a super fun weekend.