Wednesday, May 10, 2017

House is Gone

It got a little chilly and windy last Friday.  These kiddos love hoodies.  

Every afternoon.  Hitting the baseball and swinging.  

Mom went out of town with all of her sisters to visit my uncle.  
We tried to keep Dad alive for her!

When your feet are muddy and Mom tells you to wait to come in until she can clean your feet....

We all went to Dee one last time on Saturday to clean the floors, leave some things, and lock up before we closed.  It will be so nice not having to worry about that house.  It had become a burden.  BUT there are lots of memories we are leaving behind: Newlyweds, two babies, and tons of fun.  

Saturday night Dad took us out to dinner.  The boys LOVE Chili's.  I could live without ever eating there again, but they have food they love and video games, so props to them for entertaining our kids during dinner!

Mason swore he was giving me a good smile, but he was 100% in a daze. 

Our church always talks about the 7000 days we have with our children until they are off to college.  It is about teaching and helping them grow into young adults who can make their own, smart choices when the time comes.  They had a photobooth out last Sunday and I tried to calculate how many days we had left until our 7000 was up.....I def didn't calculate Mason's correctly. 

Sunday afternoon we met our cousins at Fair on the Square.  I had never been before and the weather was perfect.  It is no Gtown Festival, but we still had a good time. 

And yes there was a mechanical bull.  

And snow cones. 

And lots of bounce houses. 

Here are pictures of Mom and her siblings.  

First thing Monday morning, we closed on our house.  

Holly was our real-estate agent and she was worth every penny.  She sold the house in 4 days at list price.  She made this all happen and we thought it would be impossible.  
So thankful and glad to have it gone. 

(The sweet lady who took this picture told us it was a great picture...)

It was a great way to start the week.  

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