Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the 4th

Last weekend was another busy one. 

We finished up some yard work at Dee before we close next week.  
These boys hardly remember this house, but it was our first home.  This was the home we brought both boys to after leaving the hospital.  Lots of memories.   

This was actually Friday night, but I'm too lazy to move the pictures around.  I had to fill in at my old job last Friday so I was in East Memphis and able to make the boys' soccer game.  Thank goodness they have different colored shoes, because one wrinkle in a jersey could get ya real confused!

After leaving Dee Saturday morning, we headed to Reese's track meet. 
I think we know why the kids like going....Mem Pops. 

There she is. 

Continuing with the ice cream, we had Micco's snow cones after dinner Saturday night. 
(Brody prefers cookies over ice cream)

Mom and Dad ate with us since they had no kitchen.  Literally, no cabinets, countertops, and most importantly a sink! 

Brody's school is getting ready for his graduation.  He is actually not going on to Kindergarten, but oh well.  He loves the superhero theme. 

This was short and sweet.

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