Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Camp, Swimming, and more Camps

Mason started his weekend off on the right foot.  At the end of each camp week, they choose one boy and one girl to receive a gift for their good behavior.  Mason was thrilled to get the prize. 

What would we do without our Mickey Mouse?! 
Brody's "owl" lost a wing, so we took him to the hospital.  She saved him. 

Right about the time for us to eat dinner Friday night, our power went out.  After sitting around for a while, we decided to try out the new ice cream spot in town.  They even have cookie dough balls.  

Brody did not like the power going out while he was in the dark playroom by himself.  Poor guy was petrified to go back....he begged us to let him spend the night with MM and Pops.  He spent the night out and us and Mason headed home.  The power ended up coming back on right before we fell asleep.  

Saturday morning we headed back to the Y to swim. 

They love a good picnic. 

Fun Saturday night spent at my work.  John got a little Zoom...

And I went on and cleaned the boys' teeth.  
They were scheduled for this week, so it worked out. 

They were both so big.  No cavity club. 

Hopefully they still don't have any after this strawberry cake after dinner. 

No caption needed.  Ha. 

Sunday morning before church.  They were looking so cute and being so sweet to each other.  

We went back to the Y Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours.  
It was HOT outside. 

And then we met Mr. Ben, Mrs. Melissa, and Baby Wells at their parents' pool.  
Wells is the sweetest.

These two just love swimming.  
They entertained each other all afternoon. 

Another talent we are thankful for....ironing.  
I do not iron.  I have certainly tried, and I'm just not good at it.  AT ALL. 

John and I are going to San Francisco and some shirts just have to be ironed.  
MM to the rescue again. 

This week, Brody goes to camp (school) and Mason is with my mom.  But Monday, he got to go to the Tennessee Titans Football Camp.  It was 9-3 and he had a ball.  He was hoping it lasted all week.

Here he is in his football stance.
Brody's school had secret agent dress up day. 

He wasn't nervous about not knowing a soul (but he ended up knowing one kid), but he was concerned that he didn't know the right rules for football. 

But he had a great time and said he learned how to play.  He says he scored a touchdown in the little game they played at the end.  He was pretty excited.  John may have been even more excited...

John and I are getting ready to head out of town this week.   Our 10 year anniversary was in March, but we knew we were going to a wedding in San Francisco and decided to make that our official celebration  Looking forward to some adult time in a big city!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Back to Reality

We got back from the beach, unloaded the car, and went to a birthday party for the boys' friend Ethan.    He is one of their good friends they both play with after school, and it was a Nerf gun party at a karate place....we couldn't say no.  

They had so much fun.  It was a great party.

This little guy had a blast too.  Once the games were over and it was time to eat, he turned really pale and lethargic.  I tried to get him to tell me what was wrong but he kept saying he didn't know.  I had to pull him aside and sit him down.  He was sweating bullets on his face.  I was having a panic attack and ready to call 911 once he started closing his eyes.  Ive never seen a kid so lethargic in my life.  Thankfully, the other Moms rushed over when they saw him and one said it looked like he was having a hypoglycemic attack....which was exactly what it was.  As soon as she said it, I knew thats what it was.  I was in such a panic, I never even thought about it.  We gave him a juice box and one minute later, the color was returning to his face.

Craziest thing I've ever seen.  But he had been dehydrated at the beach and didn't eat much on the drive home that morning.  He has had no problems since, so I think it was a one time thing.

Here he is barely big enough to see over the fort.

Sunday afternoon, John and I went to the golf tournament.  It's one of my favorite things to do this time of year.

We followed the Ole Miss boy.  He is a sophomore and placed fourth in the tourney.  Since he is an amateur, he made no money which is crazy to me.  Anyways, it was fun following him. 

Mason had VBS last week.  He had a great time there again this year.

Brody's first swim day of the summer.

First time ever that I told the hairdressers what I wanted and then walked back to the waiting area.  Brody told me he was going to be big and wouldn't need my help.

He was perfectly still, and I sat there twiddling my thumbs.

Friday of VBS they do a short program.  Me and Mickey Mouse went to watch.

He was front and centered and terrified.
Think he gets that from his parents.
He did good though and had a fun time.

Most of Mason's school friends have a summer YMCA membership.  They have an outdoor pool and go a lot during the week.  Of course I am working Monday -Thursday, but we can go on Fridays.  And of course weekends.  Mom also got a membership, so she can take them also.

It was hot and sunny last Friday, so we went....and then it got cloudy and started raining.

We had a going away party for Mark and Jessica.  They are moving for a couple of years and will be missed!  Hopefully we can take a girls' trip there soon after they get settled in.

Saturday fun.


Fun in the sun calls for a good dinner.  Nothing like greasy burgers when you are exhausted.

Sunday was Father's Day. The boys had made John a card and homemade gifts and couldn't wait to give it to him.  Our grill went out a couple of days before so.....he got a new grill.  Ha.  Oh the joys of adulating.

But he also got a bacon and waffle tower.

It's like pulling teeth to get these two boys in something other than athletic gear.

Donuts and root beer at church for the Dads.

We ate dinner with my parents that night, so we decided to swim for a couple of hours before.  No one was there and the kids had a blast,

Even on Father's Day, he's out there playing with them.

Love both pictures of these awesome Dads in our life.

First day of summer camp at CCA.
Mason loves getting to go, and Brody loves his brother being at his school.

Field trip for one, swimming for the other.

Poor JB had a cavity filled, but good news is he gets to take me to lunch after.....whether he could feel his tongue or not.

Dude's hair is lightening up again.

John and Brody threw the baseball back and forth a while.  Then Mason joined.
Brody threw a strike here.

Reese turned 9 yesterday.  NINE.  Crazy.
We met up for dinner or her choice, Gus'.
Brody loves himself some fried okra...

 Reese may be the only girl in the bunch, but she is sure loved by them all!