Saturday, July 29, 2017

Brody Turns 5

I have been getting a million time hop pictures this week since it's Brody's birthday week.  I know I posted this wild picture from last weekend of Brody going head first down the slide, but this picture from his 2nd birthday popped up.  Had to compare them.  Such a big boy now....and can't believe we had a big water slide for a 2nd birthday.  Ha. 

Quick side note :  Ya know all the little candy machines in restaurants where you put your quarter in and get candy.....well somehow this child of ours has probably gotten a piece of candy 8 times within the last couple of months.  He has a system and basically steals candy from restaurants....ha

Speaking of birthday week, he has gotten some bday mail and has never been more excited.  

I guess this is probably the first year he has been counting down the days.  
He is ready for cake and presents. 

Last night as a 4 year old!

Woke up a five year old with boxes of donuts.  Some for breakfast, some for school.  
He wanted to do something at school, so I dropped him off with a bunch of donuts.  The kids ate them for morning snack, then Mason and I picked him back up.  He was there for an hour and he thought it was perfect. 

He also has been anticipating being "bigger than Mason" on his birthday.  I guess he literally thought he would grow several inches.  He asked us right away how tall he grew overnight. 

It has been a dreary day, so they have enjoyed staying at home and playing with their new toys from Grandma and Grandpa.  They are going to be out of town for the party,  so she took them to Toys R Us last night.  He has been in heaven all day. 

Another comparison how they have grown.  
I mean these five years have flown by.

Our little BroBro loves "huggies" and "kisses".  Can't go to bed without them each night.  He is possibly the most stubborn child.  He knows what he wants when he wants it.  He is apprehensive, but once conquers it, he is fearless.  He loves his brother like his best friend.  He is loud and LOVES music.  He can sing parts of just about every song on the radio.  He is full of energy, and wakes up very early to start each day!  He is treated like that baby by every family member and it totally shows.  But he will always be the baby, and we can't imagine life without him. 

We found a bday boy shirt and changed for lunch. 

Donuts for breakfast, "Mexico" (Chapultepec) for lunch.  Brody's request. 

John took Mason to let him pick out a gift for Brody himself.  He has been so excited about it.  Mason truly loves giving people gifts.  And Brody thought it was perfect.  

The boys took a rest and I baked this cake.  It does look cute, but man did it taste awful. I guess my canola oil is tasted like oil and thats it.  Whoops.

Brody waited on John to get home allllll day so he could open his last couple of presents from us.

Captain America fidgety spinner

All he said he wanted was Nerf guns and that is what he got.  He needs a gun case to keep them all in.  This one is bigger than he is.

Mickey Mouse and Pops came over to give him his presents.  He has gotten so much stuff, there is really no need for presents at his party....

As requested, he wanted mini corndogs and tater tots.....real high quality food here.

And of course we sang Happy Birthday.

And he made that wish.

(then we just ate ice cream because that cake was bad news)

Birthday party today.  It will be his "extra birthday" as he calls it....

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

11 Year DH Reunion

Brody has been having a blast at summer camp this year.  Swimming three days a week....his tan lines are the cutest on his little bottom. 

And Mason would go to camp every week if we let him. 

This past weekend was my dental hygiene class reunion.  We didn't plan anything last year for the 10 years, so we did something for 11. There were 28 girls total in the class but of course everyone has their group of friends.  There were seven of us that were pretty close.  Since two were coming in town for the weekend, the six of us got together Friday night with kids.  
(we missed Mica this weekend for sure)

Mason and Brody had a blast. 

All six plus Brave. 

And of course Tara brought a cake. 

Saturday was the day of festivities starting with a pool day at the McDaniels.  John stayed home with the boys and let me go.  We just couldn't leave them all weekend again since we were just out of town a couple of weeks ago. 

It was good seeing people I haven't seen in 11 years.  We had purple balloons in honor of Mica.  I had to leave to take Brody to a birthday party before they released them.  I thought this was a great picture though.  Like I said, she was definitely missed this weekend. 

Brody's classmate had a water slide party.  It was the biggest one we've been on to date.  

I thought he would be apprehensive, but he went right on up to slide.  He thought about it for a few seconds and went on down.  Never looked back. 

It was HOT. 

By the end of the party, he was going down face first.....

After the party, we got dressed up, dropped off the boys, and headed to Overton Square for dinner.  

Of course the whole class couldn't be there, but it was great seeing the ones that could.  

John got to join in on the fun this time.  =)

It really felt like not a day had passed. 

Sunday was another hot day.  We did yard work and needed to water the yard, so we set up this tether ball thing.  Moved it all around the yard all day.  Boys had fun and yard was watered = perfect. 

We had a fish fry at Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Ronnie's house that night.  
A couple of us dressed alike...

Shark week so Brody wore shark swimming trunks.  
He was thrilled to be taking a picture....Mason had just woken up. 

Busy busy weekend.  Now to get through the work week....

Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's Hot Hot Hot

It has been steaming hot out.  
I mean it hasn't stopped my kids at all, but look at that sweat. 

We had planned to go to the pool with our neighbors Friday.  I was going to check out Brody early since it was a fun day at school, but decided he would rather skip the whole day and stay home with Mason and I.  Talk about happy. 

We had chores to do before we could go to the pool.  First stop was grocery store, second chore was cleaning that dirty house of ours.  

The YMCA has a slide that Mason has had a blast playing on.  Brody is our more apprehensive child....but just initially.  Once he does something, he loses all fear.  Just hard for him to take that initial leap.  He has tried and tried to go down that slide.  I have gotten in the water 25 times to catch him, he has put on floaties, we have tried bribes.  He had gotten as far as climbing all the way up and saying hello to me in the tunnel....but came right back down.  

So Friday, he wanted to put his floaties on (he can't touch there) and try again.  I was telling the lifeguard that he probably won't go down, we have had lots of attempts.  The lifeguard then told me I could go up there with him, just not down the slide with him.  She said "your his Mom, if you want to help nudge him down, I can't stop you".  So I climbed up and told a Mom lie.  Told him I was coming right behind him and gave him a little push.  He flew down yelling "cannon ball" and has never looked back.  After that, it is all he has wanted to do!


We had all eaten lunch before, but swimming makes these kids hungry.  Every time we go, they end up eating all the snacks we bring...even when I think I've brought way too much. 

Of course mine are smiling with cheese in their mouth....

This is what happens when you skip school, don't take a nap, and swim for three and a half hours in 100 degree weather. 

But he got a second wind.  
We played outside until the Dads got home, so we could all go to Hueys.  

If you get a second wind from an exhausting day, there is no time for bathing or brushing your hair.  We did take him out in public like this, and no one cared.  Ha. 

Saturday was another hot day.  Brody wanted his Daddy to watch him go down the slide, so we ate a big lunch and headed back to the Y. 

It was so hot that all the adults were in the pool too.  
So glad John was able to come, they love playing with their Daddy. 

We stayed there for a couple of hours and then headed to Robert and Becca's to swim.  My kids' swimming means they stay under water 90% of the time, just pop up to get one breath.  They had to have been exhausted, but you would have never known!   They love swimming. 

How many twins can you spot in this picture...

I know I say it all the time but these three love love love spending time together. 

We let Mason spend the night with Reese, and made Brody come back home with us.  He was sad leaving his best friends, so we told him we could have an ice cream date before bed.  Of course, when we got there, he only wanted a cookie.  No ice cream for this tired dude.  As soon as he was done with his cookie, he begged us to go home, so we could sleep. 

Only child for the night and morning heading to church.

Yard work leads to more swimming.

Mrs. Melissa was out of town and Mr. Ben had Baby Wells, so we all got together to swim Sunday afternoon.

Wells is just the sweetest.

Monkey in the middle

A bunch of college friends and their kids.  Its funny to think of then vs. now.
Lots have changed!

We got the Jeeps out and decided to race.  Tegan won every time.  My boys do not know how to drive in a straight line.  Ha.

Tuesday night we had dinner with friends at our fav Mexican restaurant.

Mason is back at camp this week.  Field trip was skating and bowling.  He is absolutely not a fan of skating.  He says he is on the ground more than his feet.   But he does enjoy bowling.  He said he had fun at both even though he scraped up his arm from hitting the ground.  Poor guy.