Thursday, July 6, 2017

San Francisco

John and I left for San Francisco last Wednesday morning.  We were able to drop the boys and Emma off before heading to the airport.

After we got everyone dropped off,  John and I were off with a ton of luggage. 

Flying over the Utah and New Mexico area was pretty cool.  

Everyone else had gotten there earlier in the morning and were still doing their thing.  John and I unpacked and walked around for a bit.  People talk about the hills, but until you see it, it is impossible to imagine.  Its crazy.  The pictures do them no justice. 

Our hotel happened to be at a very high point in the city.  So walking somewhere was fine, but coming back...your nose was practically on the ground you were at such an angle. 

We had dinner reservations at Oola the first night.  Dinner was at 8pm which was 10pm Memphis time.  We had a nice dinner, and then us old folks headed to bed. 

The next morning, John and I woke up wayyyyy too early.  I woke up at 3am (5am Memphis time) but was able to sleep until 5.  John worked, I went to the gym, and then we got out of that hotel room.  The weather is pretty chilly there in the summer.

Sometimes the summer is their coldest time of the year....I mean so weird right?!  The fog will stay around for much of the day.  But once the fog leaves sun comes out, it feels great....I mean still wearing jeans and a light jacket.  Highs were 60, lows were mid-50s. This is why we packed a ton of clothes.

So we were freezing on our walk until we climbed back up these hills.  Then we were sweating. 

We all had brunch at Chow which was about 2.5 miles away.  We decided to walk there and then walked around the city after.  I know at one point we had walked 8 miles.  This was another hill we had just climbed.  (You can see the sun was trying to come out.)

It really is beautiful there.

We found the Painted Ladies.  This is not the "full house house".  It is the iconic row of Victorian houses seen on many movies, etc. representing San Fran.  It is in the opening credits of Full House, so it makes you think one of those houses is the house. 


Our wonderful photographer friend Katie just so happened to bring her camera.  
I mean how lucky were we?!

Now here is the "Full House House".  
I mean, my trip was made right here.
(I do wish the door was still red though!)

We even got to sit on the steps!

Again, how awesome of Katie to take these?!  
I love this one. 

Here's the picture we were taking. 

We hopped in an Uber and headed to Pier 39 next.  
Bros in front of Alcatraz. 

We didn't have time to tour it, but you could see it from the Pier....and just about every window you looked out of. 

Pier 39 has a ton of shops and restaurants, lots of performers, and tourist spots. 
Lobster pups on the Pier. 

And submarines. 

And sea lions.  
And if I am completely honest, John and I looked for these little guys and never saw them.  We had probably walked a million miles by then and were exhausted.  We got lost from our crew and just waited for them outside of the pier.  Of course they ended up spotting them and I stole their picture....I am pretending I saw them with my very own eyes.  

We had to rush back to get ready for the first wedding event (that we attended).  Thursday night was the Sangeet.  It is basically a huge reception.  It is the "joining of the two families".  

It was at the most beautiful country club about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco.  

All the girls 

And the boys with the groom. 

The Sangeet was awesome.  The bride and groom sat in chairs while family/friends sing and dance.  There were several performances.  It was pretty amazing.   Joey's parents even got out there to dance with the bride.   Once the performances are over, they opened up the food and dance floor.  Everyone danced all night.  

Friday morning we all woke up early again.  We had breakfast and explored Union Square.

Go figure, our hotel was at California and Mason Street.  
Mason Street is STEEP.  Killed us the whole time we were there!

John and I went to the top of Coin Tower after we walked around looking for Lombard street.  

 As soon as we came down from tower, the fog left and sun came out!

So this was actually crooked Lombard Street.  Of course just like the sea lions, we didn't even end up seeing it, but Becca got a picture.  No idea how we didn't find it!

We all met up in China Town for lunch. 


Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at the City Club down the street. 

Joey and his band from med school played at dinner.  
It was great. 

After dinner, everyone went to the Tonga Room.  I mean it rains in there and the band plays on a moving boat in the middle of the bar.  Enough said. 

We face-timed the boys everyday and Mom sent us pictures. 
They ended up staying at our house most of the time since Mom and Dad's air went out.  

Saturday early morning was the Barat which is basically a parade.  The groom, along with his family and friends, started about a block away and the bride's family and friends were waiting at the hotel.  We paraded in with him on a white horse and drummers playing loud music.  It was the coolest thing, really.  

It was also the only morning of our time spent in San Fran that the sun was out bright and early.  It was a gorgeous day. 

The horse carried him to the front of the hotel where the bride's family and friends were dancing to music.  That went on for about 5-10 minutes.  It was great.  People were videotaping up and down the streets.  

After the dancing, the groom's parents were blessed before walking into the Hindu ceremony. 

It was beautiful in there. 

The Hindu priest was great.  He performed the ceremony, but would then translate what he was going on for Joey's family and friends.  It lasted about an hour to an hour and a half and included fire, walking around the fire, and wedding vows. 

After that ceremony, we all went up to the top of the Fairmont for lunch.  
This was the view.  It was amazing!

We got a little rest and then headed back to the Fairmont for the Christian ceremony which started at four that afternoon. 

Again, everything was stunning. 

We had quite a bit of outfit changes. 

My handsome date. 

After cocktail hour, we went into the reception....

Her brother and sister-n-law were the MC's of the night.  Bride and Groom were up on chairs for this ceremony also.  There was dancing, singing, and several toasts.  

They even had performers. 

After that, it was time to eat, drink, dance, and be merry. 

We stole the bride and groom away for a picture. 
(every dress she put on was stunning...think they said there were 8 dress changes for the weekend) 

John and I had never been to an Indian wedding, nor had we been to San Francisco.  It was just so cool to do both....and to do it with friends.  We had the BEST vacay. 

Next up: Napa Valley

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