Thursday, July 13, 2017


We got home from vacay and stepped right back into reality. 
Mason had a field trip to the splash pad and Brody got to swim.  

Mason had a birthday party for a friend from school last Friday night at the bowling alley.  He was excited to hang with some friends. 

He totally knocked those pins down and got a spare.  
It was the first time I've ever dropped him off at a birthday party, and thankfully, I knew the parents.  Mason was so excited I left him.  

I came back home and let Brody play with the neighborhood kids while John cut the grass.  We got new neighbors across the street and we have played a ton.  Brody now has a friend who will start Kindergarten with him!

Saturday morning, we headed down to Water Valley, MS for one of John's family reunions.  Brody was pretty excited about that name tag. 

Mason helped collect money. 

The Brower clan all had dinner Saturday night which means Mason and Reese are going to ask to spend the night together all dinner long.  Every. Single. Time.  Ha. 

We agreed to let Reese spend the night at our house Saturday night.....but then these three started asking the same question.  None of them have ever spent the night out before, but Brody was adamant he would be okay.  

So, we let him stay at their house, and we took Reese and Mason to our house.  I was on standby all night, but he slept like a charm and obviously had a blast. 

We all met up to swim Sunday.  It was finally a day of sunshine. 

And in normal Mason tooth diary confessions : Mason jumped into the pool and his knee hit him in the mouth and just about knocked a tooth out.  After a couple of tugs, it popped on out. 
(if you are keeping count, he is missing THREE front and center at the top.)

We all stopped by our friends' St. Jude lemonade stand.   

All of that fun = one tired boy. 

We have so many kids in our little section on the street, and they are always playing baseball, soccer, etc.  Cars will fly down the street, so I just went on and bought one of those green guys with the flag.  
I know.  I know.  I've turned into a crazy Mom, but these people need to slow down!
(and if you wanted to know the results, people slow wayyyy down when they see it!)

It has been so hot, so any form of water had been good for all the kids.... 
even if it's a slip n slide and a couple of buckets filled with water.  Ha

Mason hasn't had any camps this week, so he and Mickey Mouse have been hanging out.  They've swam just about every day at the Y and had a lunch date.  They are having all kinds of fun while we are working!

Brody has never been a fan of showers, but wanted to give it a go this week.  
He thinks they are the greatest things ever and has asked every night to take one.

Mason passed his swimming test at the Y.  He is a good swimmer, but the test was swimming a lap, treading water for 30 seconds, and floating on your back for 30 seconds.  The floating on the back was the only thing he was worried about.  He has practiced a few times, and wanted to take the test.  He swam like a champ and had no problem completing it.  

He is so proud of himself, and so are we!

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