Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brody's 5th Birthday Party

We had Brody's 5th Birthday party this past Saturday.  We rented the pavilion at the splash pad and invited family and friends.  He had been wanting to invite his classmates, so he was very excited.  

I bought this balloon, we took pictures, and then I accidentally let it fly away.  It was me and no one else.  Of course I probably would have been so mad if someone else had done it.  Oops. 

Ashley and Baby David. 

Brody and Griff

Those two aunts of mine.

The humidity disappeared this weekend (go figure).  It was great for the adults but got a little chilly in the shade for the kiddos.  But they still all played out there. 

Teagan and Conner 

Singing Happy Birthday.  He got a little shy. 

It was pretty windy under the pavilion.  We barely got the candle lit.  We sang the whole Happy Birthday song and right when it was time for him to blow out his candles.....

The wind blew it out!
Becca got the best pictures of it.  He was so shocked, but then quickly laughed. 

Mason and Brinkley

Mason and Reese.

We opened gifts at the party.  We went over the rules of pretending you didn't get a duplicate, loving something even if you don't, etc.   I think he forgot the rules...

Brody kept thanking us for such a fun party.  I guess it was also a little fun bash for all his best friends at CCA since they will all be moving on!

Sunday afternoon we did a little swimming and popsicle eating.  

Monday ended up being Brody's last day ever at CCA.  They went on and promoted all the kids this week, but since he is not going on to Kindergarten and repeating preK, we went on and pulled him out for the last week.

He is staying with my mom this week while Mason goes to summer camp there.  Brody seemed pretty excited.  He will go one day next week to his new school, and fully start the next week.

Can't believe summer is coming to an end!

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