Friday, August 11, 2017

First Day of School

Ready or not, school is back!

Mason started 2nd grade at Tara Oaks with Mrs. Funes.  We are thrilled with our teacher.  She seems so fun and super nice already.  Mason loves her so far.  He also loves the fact that he is in a class with six of his good friends.  Hope that doesn't mean trouble!!!  Ha.

Like I said earlier, we decided to give Brody one more year of preschool. He had a staggered start Monday and then stayed with Mom all week.  He LOVED his school. He had such a great day and wanted to go back Tuesday.  

He actually knows one little boy from CCA in his same class.  We had been reminding him daily that Jack would be there.  (of course we had been worried about the new school thing)   Well Jack didn't have the same staggered start, but Brody still loved it.  Success.  

New morning routine will be Brody and Mickey Mouse (me on Fridays) walking Mason to school.  Brody's school doesn't start until 9:15.  

Thankfully, I was able to take the day off and get both boys where they needed to be the first day. 

Tara Oaks new theme. 

Most of his supplies were already in the classroom, but she had a few other things for us to pick up.  I wanted to help Mason bring them into the school, but he told me at least fifteen times that the bags were light and he didn't need my help.  He finally admitted it would be "embarrassing" for me to walk him in.....

After school, he told me that the teacher had asked where I was!!!  All the other Moms walked their kids in.  He also happened to see a few friends' moms who all told him he was "so strong" for carrying his supplies......great. 

After Mason's drop off, it is Brody's turn.  

He really was such a big kid.  He was definitely nervous, but was so brave.  It looked like he could have teared up but didn't.  He walked right on in, gave me a hug,  and got in line to wash his hands.  
So big. 

After school, he couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had learning.  
He even sounded like a big kid.  

First Day = Success.  
Praying this year is a wonderful year for both!

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